Yellow Crystals

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Yellow Crystals

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The warmth and sunny disposition is what the color yellow delivers us. It promises cheerful new beginnings of journeys filled with optimism and positivity. This color possesses the comfort and healing properties of the sun.

Many crystals, especially yellow ones, exude an uplifting and vigorous aura that reminds us to live life to its fullest potential without forgetting to have some fun and be merry. They illuminate every path hovered with darkness, releasing our fears and sorrows. These crystals encourage us to step into new chapters of our lives with an adventurous and energetic attitude while filling our hearts with joyful wonders.

Each crystal lights up your world through its ability to enlighten you and add clarity to your life while solidifying your quest for knowledge, relationships, and newfound pursuits that enrich your soul and purpose.

Yellow gemstones harness your constructive thoughts and are excellent confidence and self-awareness boosters. Their presence fills the room with a positive spirit that is ideal to produce wise decisions quickly.

Just like the shining rays of the sun, yellow gemstones shake things up and awaken you with an exhilarating feeling of assertiveness and confidence to take action and be a leader instead of being a follower. In times of trouble, yellow crystals will help you deal with your predicaments with a sense of hope, patience, love, and practical deliberations.

Yellow crystals influence us by organizing and balancing life. These stones help us overcome misconceptions and shower us with creative and intellectual energy to conquer and triumph every transition in our lifetime.

Yellow Crystal Meanings

Yellow is a manifestation of the sun. It is the shade that is associated with abundance, courage, and joy; a true source of life. From ancient times and religions, yellow has stood for intellectual creativity and wisdom throughout the ages.

It is a dose of happiness that is associated with the solar plexus chakras that stimulates vitality and development of authentic self. This color is used for gaining knowledge, mental clarity, spirit communication, and protection.

Yellow crystals and gemstones are aligned with the energy of the planet Mercury, the closest planet to the sun. Crystals of this color correspond with the Gemini zodiac sign and is the color of the natural birthstones of those born in the beginning of summer.

It is the hue that best represents the Greek God Helios, the God of Sun who rides a golden chariot bringing the sun across the skies every single day from the east to west. Apollo, the God of Light, music, and poetry influences the connection of arts and creativity to the color yellow.

Yellow is a spontaneous and unstable color and has conflicting associations. It is an attention-stealing color that stimulates the nervous system and enhances the vision. It symbolizes honor, builds confidence and encourages communications, but yellow can also mean deceit, possessiveness, and can produce disturbing effects that may release unsteady emotions and behaviors.

It inspires inquisitiveness and unique thoughts. This hue molds a person to be a practical thinker and a resilient individual bearing a confident and uplifting spirit.

Our Favorite Yellow Crystals

Yellow Calcite Yellow Crystals

Yellow Calcite

Calcite is effective in intensifying self-confidence and motivation to innovate oneself. It dissolves old and toxic habits or patterns that can inculcate self-doubts and it grants you brand new opportunities to enhance emotional and spiritual wellness. These crystals strengthen intuition and promote greater psychic abilities.

Citrine Yellow Crystals


This invigorating crystal is a premier stone of will-power and imaginative mind. Citrine conveys the power of the sun, it has a tender and refreshing energy that brings a brand new perspective in living your life. It opens you to effective approaches that set your soul into action.

Labradorite Yellow Crystals


This crystal is a great support in managing personal power. Labradorite has a golden energy that is very useful in facing transitions as it imparts endurance and perseverance. It shields the consciousness and ties the spiritual energies to the earth. This unlocks doors of perception- lucid dreaming and magic.

Yellow Fluorite Yellow Crystals

Yellow Fluorite

Yellow Fluorite is a crystal that encourages unity, creativity, and intellectual ability. This boosts your imagination and heightens the powers of concentration to keep creating fresh ideas and sharp decision-making skills. It enhances coordination and equilibrium both in physical and emotional aspects, protects women and children during pregnancy.

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