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Yellow Candle Magic

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A candle of mental sharpness and power, yellow candles bring an uplifting and invigorating energy that lights up any room they are in. They symbolize cheerfulness, creativity, and a warmth that brings comfort to everyone.

Lighting yellow candles in your candle magic practice brings clarity to every chaotic situation, it improves the mood to bolster one’s emotion and encourages an optimistic outlook in life.

Yellow candles facilitate healing and also attract positive results in career, business, love, and many other ventures one would make. Generally, yellow candles increase a person’s overall finances and build more chances to generate a bigger income.

Yellow candles call upon the presence and powers of Gods and Goddesses of Air. These can also summon the guidance and protection of Helios, Apollo, and many other Gods and Goddesses connected to the powerful presence of the Sun and Light.

These candles possess the robust and vital male energy of the Sun and Mercury, this energy is useful not only for stimulating the body’s ability but also fighting external forces and promoting healing. They are invincible rulers of Sunday due to its association to the Sun and are known for their connection to the numbers 1 and 12 which signify the beginning, perfection, and completion of the universe.

Yellow candles activate higher wisdom, they are used for astral travel, inspire clairvoyance, prophetic dreams, and other mental exercises. They stimulate one’s personal power and bring fulfillment and desirable results even when decisions and actions were made swiftly.

The magic of yellow candles lies in its ability to bring people together, enrich relationships, and bring fresh, innovative ideas to the table. It is very much prized for helping people conquer addictions, depression, and insanity, and most of all, yellow candles are gentle reminders that above all things it is ourselves that we need to conquer.

Yellow Candles For Witchcraft

Yellow Candle Correspondences

Element: Air
Signs: Gemini, Virgo
Planets: Sun, Mercury
Day: Sunday
Numbers: 1, 12
Stones: Citrine, Yellow Jasper

How To Charge Yellow Candles

Yellow candles never lose their ability to bring warmth in every magical work there is. With a sunny and positive energy that they deliver, yellow candles are more suitably charged using nature’s innate energizing vibrations.

Connect your yellow candles with the element they correspond to- the air. Soak them with the air’s refreshing energy by setting them in a safe spot of your home garden and surrounding them with the oxygen released by plants during the day. Choose plants with a strong healing power to envelope your yellow candles with and gather more potent energy.

Yellow candles are charged using a person’s strong memory or recall of positive events. With a color that screams happiness and a promise of brighter days, yellow candles are re-energized by placing them on your palms while you meditate. Focus on fueling your mind with thoughts of happy times to charge your yellow candles with positive vibrations.

Aligned with the sun’s energy, yellow candles are also charged with the sun’s natural light. Bask your yellow candles under the invigorating energy of the sun but remember to not place them under the sun for too long as this will, of course, melt your yellow candles down.

Yellow Candle Spell Ideas

Utilize the stimulating presence of yellow candles in magic by performing spells for career success. This is achieved by lighting yellow candles and surrounding yourself with their warmth while you indulge in a relaxing bath before you retire to bed. Visualize the events that will lead you to a successful career and add herbs that also draw success in different areas of life. This spell will accompany you at work and other important investments to help you in elevating your career.

Light a yellow candle and burn some aromatic incense to start a spell for manifesting positive life changes that enrich your well-being. This spell will dissipate any blockages in life and breaks negative behavioral patterns to promote a brand new chapter of your life filled with potentialities and opportunities.

To ace an exam, a job interview, or any test you need to pass, practice this spell for intelligence using the power of your yellow candles. Invoke the positive energy that awakens the knowledge and intelligence you hold inside. Lighting yellow candles while you are under the sun will help you in maintaining your focus and concentration to remember vital ideas and information needed to successfully pass any difficult test.

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