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Yarrow Properties

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A hardy perennial herb, Yarrow flowers hold a delicate fragrance that fills the air from spring to summertime. Yarrow is lauded as Achilles’ thousand leaved herb for its rich historical use as a medicine to treat the wounds of Achilles’ soldiers during the Trojan siege. It is associated with the seventh chakra and brings purification to the aura.

The magical power of Yarrow was used in spiritual and exorcism rituals for summoning the evil presence and driving it away. An infusion of Yarrow is widely utilized in America to overcome the extreme cold of the long winter season.

Yarrow essence is a general aura cleanser that strengthens and brightens the energy while promoting intelligence. In divination, such as pendulum dowsing, Yarrow is best for its mighty general spiritual protection while traveling to a different world. Yarrow is also a special magnet that entices the opposite sex. Typically, Yarrow Flowers are fused with mint herbs to direct its healing abilities towards the center of the heart.

As a culinary herb, soft Yarrow leaves are admirable for flavoring fresh salads and cheeses. With its captivating smell and charming pink and white flowers, Yarrow is commonly used as flower decorations by witches to beautify their altar and home, especially during festivals.

Yarrow is an herb of excellent strength, power, and passionate love. Its healing power heals spiritual wounds, purifies the aura, and mends the broken heart from losing things and people in your life.

Yarrow’s Correspondences

Planet: Venus
Sign: Pisces
Element: Water
Energy: Female
Deities: Aphrodite, Hermes, Achilles

Yarrow Magical Correspondences

Yarrow’s Magical Properties

Prophetic Dreams

The messages engraved in a witch’s prophetic dreams may transform her life in a variety of ways. Witches would need to drink Yarrow tea before sleeping to increase psychic powers and make dream pillows that bring angelic messages in their dreams. Yarrow Flowers can also be rubbed in the eyelids to enhance the ability to read the hidden meanings of their prophetic dreams.


As a symbol of passionate love and fidelity, use fresh Yarrow flowers as wedding decorations and place a bunch of dried Yarrow just above the matrimonial bed to inspire a long lasting marriage. For witches to attract romance, bringing love sachets and charms made from Yarrow can help you connect with the person you want to have a relationship with. Yarrow can be used in love spells and rituals to facilitate a love for others and oneself.


In some instances, witches may find themselves terrified of leading their lives in a different direction. Sipping Yarrow tea before doing something new can help you focus on your goal more than your worries. Carry this herb in a silk or velvet bag when going to a job interview to calm fears and increase courage. A sachet or lucky charm can be worn to avoid doubts and distractions.


A healing bath with Yarrow flowers can help purify and restore a witch’s aura. Planting Yarrow in your garden can deliver healing to you and your family. Its healing energy also extends to other plants nearby, this guarantees spiritual as well as emotional healing through its astounding ability to ease the mind and spirit even in times of turmoil.


Yarrow Flowers are admirable for their ability to protect the soul the same way Mother Nature does. Wearing Yarrow amulets reverses negativity, simply carry a sachet of this herb in your pocket to break hexes and ill wishes. To protect your house, toss Yarrow flowers across the threshold as this dispels evil forces. Tie Yarrow to your baby’s cradle to protect their soul from spells and curses.

Yarrow’s Medicinal Properties

Reduces Inflammation

Yarrow is thought to reduce chronic skin and liver inflammation that may lead to cell, tissue, and organ damage.

Heals Colds and Fever

Herbalists believe that Yarrow breaks fevers and colds by relaxing the skin pores to release sweat and infection from the body.

Cures Wounds

Yarrow leaves are believed to increase cells that regenerate connective tissue and help in speeding up recovery from wounds and other injuries.

Alleviates Digestive Issues

Herbalists believe that Yarrow contains several flavonoids and alkaloids known to alleviate digestive complaints.

Improves Blood Circulation

Yarrow is thought to tone the blood vessels at the same time as dilating capillaries which helps in healthier blood circulation.

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