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Wormwood Properties

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Wormwood is a magical herb that was considered the plant of immortality. Historically, its name refers to its use in curing intestinal worms. In the Middle Ages, Wormwood was thrown in the direction of the four cardinal points on the night of San Giovanni as protection against spirits and witches.

Russians wore Wormwood to protect themselves from water spirits called Rusalki who roamed forests and rivers with sharp claws. Wormwood is said to be the first plant to grow from the path of the serpent as it exited the Garden of Eden, which resonates with this plant’s deep association with snakes. Even in ancient times, Wormwood syrup was used to lower fever and treat snakebites, wasp, and scorpion stings.

Wormwood is a one of a kind herb that connects people with the soul of their loved ones who already left the world. Legend says that burning Wormwood in a cemetery would wake up the dead bodies. Wormwood protects and serves as a mirror that reflects and blocks evil intentions while magnifying psychic powers through scrying and divination.

This is a popular herb that purifies negative energies and eliminates bitterness and a person’s imaginary guilt. It cools fiery emotions brought by anger and emotional pain.

Wormwood releases hatred and helps to peacefully vent one’s anger. It is an herb of courage and enthusiasm for life, maintains a person’s thirst for life adventures and lessons while allowing them to let go of their frustrations and see a greater path to take.

Wormwood’s Correspondences

Planet: Mars
Sign: Aries, Scorpio
Element: Fire, Air
Energy: Masculine
Deities: Artemis, Iris

Wormwood Magical Correspondences

Wormwood’s Magical Properties


Witches can celebrate love magic by writing the name of their loved one in a bow, tie it on a Wormwood twig and place it under the bed to attract that person they like. Place a handkerchief with a bouquet of dried Wormwood in your underwear drawer or place a bandage on the forehead with seven leaves of this herb on a Sunday afternoon while lying in a meadow to help reveal a person’s true motive towards you.


Wormwood offers protection to any circumstances in a witch’s everyday life. Summon the presence of protective spirits by burning Wormwood while doing a spell or ritual. Wear Wormwood charms to harness its protective powers and carry sachets with dried Wormwood to shield you from accidents while traveling.


For witches who wish to catch a streak of luck, place a Wormwood leaf on each shoe before doing business contracts or crafts. Put three leaves under your mattress at the bottom of the bed to attract great fortune. To draw a big deal of prosperity in your home, burn a leaf during the nights of the New Moon then collect the ashes and tie them to a coin.

Astral Projection

Every ‘travel’ to other realms is sacred to many witches. To help you travel with ease and stability, make a Wormwood infusion and drink it before you start crossing other realms. Wearing amulets while burning Wormwood incense induces an altered state of consciousness that you need while your soul travels to the mystical part of the world unseen.

Reversal Magic

Throwing a spell back to your enemy who cast harmful curses on you would need you to sprinkle Wormwood in the path of that person. You can also use Wormwood smudge sticks and display it in your altar to reverse the power of the spell and bring strife and misfortune to the person who sent it to you.

Wormwood’s Medicinal Properties

Improves Digestion

Wormwood is thought to stimulate digestion and alleviate spasms in the intestinal tract.

Eases Labor Pain

Herbalists believe that Wormwood improves blood circulation and is an efficient aid for women during labor.

Reduces Menstrual Pain

Wormwood is thought to serve as a pain reliever that helps in reducing menstrual cramps and regulating menstrual flow.

Heals Fever and Colds

Wormwood is believed by herbalists to heal high fever and recurring colds that may be caused by infections.

Weight Loss

Herbalists believe that Wormwood detoxifies the body, speeds up metabolism, and helps in releasing toxins quickly.

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