Working With Nature Magic

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Working With Nature Magic

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People often overlook the beauty of nature in their lives because of pressures brought upon them in this fast-paced era. It is just occasionally when they realize they need to “reconnect” with nature. And often, this feeling arises when accidents happen or when burnout suddenly creeps in.

Although this might be the case for some people, it shouldn’t be a way to see it. To reconnect means to devise a doorway to disconnect, which, never really happens to us as spiritual human beings.

A Connection with the Past

As the biophilia hypothesis suggests, we feel good with nature primarily because we evolved in it. Trees, mountains, and plants have been around for more than a hundred years, surpassing the evolution of time.

When we are surrounded by mountains, trees, plants, and flowers, it’s hard not to notice them. This powerful focus brings more than just beauty into the eyes; rather it allows us to forget our worries, doubts and distresses. For some reason, this focus brings you to a peaceful state, a feeling of belonging with what was, what is, and what is yet to come.

Deepen your Relationship with Nature

A reconnection would not be possible, because, as mentioned, we never really lose our connection with nature. It is there when we wake up, go about our day and fall asleep into the night. We see nature every day, yet we sometimes fail to notice it.

Develop instead connecting. The real issue here is the quality of your relationship with nature. To receive the blessings of the divine, one must deepen their relationship with the source energy.

Committing to time alone to appreciate nature every day makes the difference. See it for yourself.

Green Witchcraft

Nature and Witchcraft

Nature is considered to be a natural way to cleanse and restore the healing powers of all seven chakras. It is also the most accessible way to connect with the Divine.

Nature is often core of paganism and green witchcraft – making it visible in many tools used in the practice. Crystals, plants, twigs, and herbs are just one of the tools you can incorporate into your daily life to deepen your relationship with nature and remind you that your connection with nature is never broken nor lost.

You can also see the importance of nature in the practice of the yearly Sabbat traditions, a celebration of the Earth’s natural rhythms that mark the passing of time.

Nature Magic in Daily Life

To absorb the healing powers of nature, one must commit to a life purposed to protect, nourish and respect nature. Below are the simplest ways you can experience the magic of nature in your daily life.

Keep Plants in Your Home

This one is probably the most obvious way to remind yourself of your connection to nature.

Keeping some plants in your home, preserved or alive, can amplify the vibration in your living environment and aid in calming the mind, body and soul.

Eat Fresh Food from the Earth

Eating fresh harvests, such as vegetables, fruits and herbs for energy, is the quickest way to plug your system to the powerful properties of nature.

Even more, this also allows you to directly consume the bounties of the earth right from the source.

Do Walking Meditation

Committing to time alone to appreciate and notice nature is a sure way to absorb positive energy and embody the beauty of nature into your daily life.

To practice walking meditation, simply follow the principles of meditation by keeping a mindful pace and a conscious mind.

Ideally, the best time to perform this practice is during sunrise, when the world is quiet, peaceful, and still.

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