Working With Aromatherapy Magic

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Aromatherapy Magic

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Aromatherapy is a word that comes from ‘aroma’ and ‘therapy’ which is used to describe the use of scent or application of essential oil in massage therapy.

Over the years, its meaning progressed in what describes healing by scent.

Although the word may come across many scented products in the market, it isn’t to be confused with essential oils or genuine herbal extracts, which are, apparently, the real deal.

A Note of Caution
Before diving into aromatherapy, it must be noted that some oils used in excess may cause health problems, skin irritation and other problems. If you are pregnant or experiencing inborn health problems, it is best to consult a medical professional first.

Essential oils and herbal extracts are biologically active— which means that as much as it can make you well, it may also lead to harmful effects if misused or used excessively. This isn’t to discourage you from the practice, but to keep you reminded that using these materials must not be taken lightly.

Witchcraft Aromatherapy

Essential Oil Magical Uses

Essential oils are commonly known to be first aid alternative medicines for physiological ailments and medical conditions. In the witchcraft world, it is also used to invite and manifest a desire or a specific type of energy in your spellscraft and insightful workings.

In the Bath

Oils play a good role in ritual or spiritual baths. Warm spiritual baths enable you to inhale the benefits of the oils used while putting you in a calmer state of mind.

On the plus side, your skin also absorbs the nutrients found in the oil of your choice.

When taking an aromatherapeutic bath, put a maximum of 6 drops into your readily filled in bath then thoroughly combine the oil with the water. If you have sensitive skin, you might want to consider adding a carrier oil like grapeseed to your primary oil concentrate. For this method, stray away from citrus based oils as this may sting the skin if sat on.

For Your Sacred Space

Adding a diffuser to your sacred space adds calming and intuitive energy to your altar where you perform divination and sit in meditation. Essential oils that are ideal for altars include frankincense, myrrh and sage. Once you get used to the scent, you will also begin to associate these oils with positive energy during other workings.

To bring this positive energy wherever you go, simply make a diffuser necklace with lava beads or untreated wooden beads and add 1-2 drops of concentrated oil per bead. Option to make a diffuser spray or a spell jar as mentioned below.

Spell Jars

The best way to make a spell jar that contains essential oils is by putting them in a small roll on bottle along with other magical tools like healing crystals, dried or fresh herbs, flowers and carrier oil. Carrier oils, like grapeseed and sunflower oil, are particularly essential if you wish to use the spell jar for the skin. Alternatively, you may create a mist ritual spray and dilute the oils in water instead.

If you feel like you need an auric lift, simply pop the bottle out and apply the oil on your third eye or spray it around your area.

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