New Moon Spells

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New Moon Spells

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The new moon is a time of new beginnings, transformation and starting over. It’s a wonderful time of the cycle that many who are not witches don’t ever notice.

The full moon is commonly understood, while new moon is hidden. It’s one of the great secrets of nature displayed to us.

I often think of how lucky we are as witches to be aware of the new moon and to use it to work our magic. We plant our seed for renewal and transformation and watch the moon as she brings forth our desires.

There is just so much hope in new moons and that’s why it’s such a great time to work your spells.

New Moon Spells For Prosperity

Prosperity is a great working to do on the new moon. Prosperity grows as the moon cycle advances, and this parallel creates powerful changes in the lives of many witches.

This new moon spell will help you transform your prosperity and bring forth your desires for money and success.


New Moon Spells For New Beginnings

The new moon represents new beginnings and the sowing of seeds for many witches.

This new beginnings spell will help you set your intention on your desire for the next month.



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