Love Spells

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Love Spells

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Love spells are something we witches both embrace and hold at a respectable arm’s length. Love magic is important, yet it can be harmful to those who don’t properly need to work with it.

It becomes vitally important as a witch to draw the line between empowerment and manipulation so a deep connection to the powerful energies of love magic is necessary.

These magic spells should be used responsibly. If you’re unsure if the time is right to work one, take a bit more time with yourself to make sure a spell is the best course of action, then, work these spells from a place of power and confidence to see their full effect come through in your spellwork.

A Self Love Spell

Self love is really important! Without love for our selves it becomes difficult to access our true power and we can fall into the trap of people pleasing and a feeling of ambivalence in our lives.

This spell brings your attention and intention to the way you address yourself and the amount of love you’re able to bestow on yourself. It can also be cast on others who you are close to.


A Red Candle Love Spell

Red and pink candles are quite often used in love spells because they evoke the thoughts and emotions surrounding love.

If you want a hot and fiery spell, this red candle love spell is a great place to start if you love working with candle magick.


A Love Spell That Works Immediately

If fast love is your goal for youself or for someone else, this spell is a wonderful way to bring about romantic changes quickly.

Be prepared for the result to work and make sure this working is something you’ve approached with much thought and insight. The results will be fast, and often things that work quickly have unexpected results if we don’t take time with them.


A Binding Love Spell

This binding love spell has the power to bind together two people for as long as the magic is intact.

If your desire is to keep someone around, this is the spell for you, and you can work it with only a few simple tools.


A Love Spell Chant

This love spell chant can bring a a lot of focus and power to your love spellwork and it’s a really simple chant to memorize.

You may find that you use it with your favorite spells to enhance them or simply on its own as a fast way to work a meaningful spell.



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