Banishing Spells

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Banishing Spells

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Banishing refers to the process of driving away any unneeded or unwanted energy, habit, person or any other thing that is causing a witch to experience hardship.

Basically, it’s driving away the things that don’t serve you or someone else from your life. Many banishing spells are most powerful when performed during waning cycle of the moon, but any time is appropriate as long as you feel it will serve your purposes.

A Powerful Banishing Spell

This banishing spell is a perfect way to bottle up the negative and unwanted behavior of someone else who is causing your harm.

Perform this spell and sprinkle the finished spell bottle on the property of your target to get rid of those pesky behaviors once and for all.


A Banishing Spell Chant

Banishing spells work wonderfully with chants. This chant can enhance your spellwork, or be used on its own to quickly banish negative people or things from your life.


A Banishing Spell For A Person

This banishing spell uses cord magick to burn away the malevolent energies and people that are giving your problems.

Use this spell to bind your intention in string, then let it go into the universe quickly with a little candle magick.


A Black Salt Banishing Spell

Black salt is a banishing tool that so many witches find to be very useful.

This spell can be used with black or white salt, depending on how you’d like to work it, but the intent behind it is the same.

Banish negative energy, hexes, or spells cast against you with this useful banishing spell.


A Banishing Spell For Someone Else

This spell is a banishing spell that will get rid of someone who is causing you problems at work, home or anywhere else in your life.

It’s often called the “hot foot” spell, because it uses herbs and elements of fire to move the target far away from you as quickly as possible.


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