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Yule Sabbat

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When Is Yule?

December 21st – January 1st

Yule is the celebration of the midwinter solstice, and this marks the shortest day of the year. Traditionally, Yule celebrates the symbolism of the Mother Goddess giving birth to a renewed Sun God. The sun’s life is born, and the light will begin to return with more strength and warmth to come. This is likely the origin of modern day Christmas, as the story of the birth of the son (Jesus) brings light and hope to humanity.

During this time, we work magic that encourages the warmth of the sun to come into being. Candles are lit, Yule logs are burnt and we enjoy spicy herbs and treats with Cinnamon, and Ginger to ignite our own inner lights as well. This is a time of new beginnings both physically and spiritually. We go within to realize our own power and potential and we use this turning point from dark winter that brings hope of the bright summer to reflect and work magic that brings about change within our lives.

Ways To Celebrate Yule

Yule is a jovial sabbat that celebrates bonds between family, friends and nature. Here are some of our favorite themes surrounding Yule that help to celebrate this snowy sabbat.


Yule is a time to go within and seek out the power that resides there. Are there currently any blocks to your own personal power? Are there things that you’ve been putting off doing that are holding you back in your daily life? This dark wintery sabbat is the perfect time to work on these things.

Hope After Darkness

The long, dark days of winter will being to turn into brighter, warmer ones after Yule. This brings with it much hope for you. Use this energy to focus on the bright hope in your own life. Nothing dark lasts, light will always return. This theme works perfectly in your magic during this special time of year.


The tradition that the Goddess gives birth to the God of the sun is one that inspires hope for a new dawn. This theme is great for starting something new in your own life.


The world will begin to transform into one with growth and renewed abundance after Yule. You can use this idea of transformation to give thanks for all you have now, while preparing to transform yourself as well.

Symbols Of Yule

These symbols have long been held in the hearts of witches as the visual concepts that we can focus on to raise our spiritual energy and infuse that into our Yule workings.

Use these to create more focus in your life during the Yule season and work with these elements as often as you can if they speak to you in a positive way.

Yule Log

Burning the Yule log is a tradition that was started medieval times and the log was lit to encourage the Sun to return. Go outside to find a Yule log of your own to adorn with string, herbs and other items to burn. Or, if you don’t have access to a fireplace or pit, inset candles are a great way to go as well.


Bells are a great way to lift the spirits within your home and to work with in your Yule spells and rituals. Use a bell much like you would a smoke clearing wand to dispel negativity and to invite your spirit guides and Deities.

Evergreen Tree

Bringing an evergreen into the house centers around the symbol of hope. It represents fertility and new life, even in the deep darkness and cold of winter. It’s one of the few green plants in the winter time, so honoring it means also that you are honoring the coming of the greenery of spring.


Mistletoe is also a symbol of longevity in the mid-winter months because it is one of the few thriving plants during this time of year. It’s also a symbol of peace and of truces, honoring the age old tradition that if two enemies met in the woods under the mistletoe plant, they had to lay down their arms against each other until the next day.

Colors Of Yule

Of all the sabbats, Yule has some of the most memorable and evoking colors of any.

The bright and glistening colors often evoke memories of when we were younger, making these colors the perfect addition to any spell or ritual because of their emotionally charged position.


The celebration of the red holly berries and represents the waning Holly King


A symbol that green will begin to return in spite of the dark, cold days of winter.


Celebrates the renewal of the sun and the Sun God, who will be increasing in power each day until spring.


An honoring of the moon and our ability to go within to better understand our emotions during the long nights of winter.


A fresh start. Now that the days will begin to get longer, the hope will return of fresh plants and an easier time.

Food & Herbs Of Yule

The food of Yule is hard to beat, especially during a cold midwinter night inside.

These foods are commonly found at the table, but consider using them also in offerings, spell workings and as a way to decorate your altar to evoke more of that delicious Yule energy.

Apple Cider

A refreshing reminder of the past harvest that infuses the best seasonal spices into a fresh blend of fall apples. Apple cider is a must this time of year!


The spice that makes the season full of spicy and sweet aromas. Use it often during Yule to honor the season.

Baked Apples

Baked apples fill your home with the best things about the fall and bring a cheery (and tasty!) snack to everyone in your home.

Egg Nog

The classic cozy drink for cold nights spent inside.


Gingerbread is a great activity for the whole family and friends to join in. Ginger spices up the body with its naturally warming qualities and makes the perfect companion to Yule festivities.


Nuts are a delicious reminder of the cycles of nature. Crack a few in honor of the death and rebirth that takes place all around us in nature.


Of course, no Yule celebration would be complete without boughs of pine and a full tree to decorate. A symbol of the rebirth and growth in the dark of the winter.

Roast Beef

A great way to bring those you care about to your table, roasting honors the abundance we have and enlivens our hearts to be grateful for everything we’ve worked for through the year.


A deeply protective herb that is wonderful to cook with and decorate with as well.

Mulled Wine

Incorporating mulling spices, mulled wine marks the season of Yule perfectly as we decorate and enjoy the company of friends and family.

Things To Do On Yule

While this list is not complete without your personal traditions, these are a great way to get started if your Yule journey is just beginning.

Burn The Yule Log

Burning the Yule log is a tradition that was started medieval times and the log was lit to encourage the Sun to return. Go outside to find a Yule log of your own to adorn with string, herbs and other items to burn. Or, if you don’t have access to a fireplace or pit, inset candles are a great way to go as well.

Decorate The Tree

A way to raise spirits and celebrate the greenery all around, even in a time when mother nature has gone within herself and most plants are brown and appear dead and lifeless.

Go Caroling

Spread the excitement of the midwinter solstice by singing carols with a group of friends.

Tell Stories

Regale times in the past to encourage a bright future tomorrow.

Spell Workings For Yule


Yule is a very cheery time of year because it brings people together in celebration and the light will begin to increase in strength. Working spells that celebrate this joy is a great way to go during thy Yule season.


Work spells that bring hope into your life and use this energy to empower your workings as the whole season shifts to the coming warmer months.

Strengthening Bonds

Winter is still in full swing, and that means cold nights, short days and still quite a bit of struggle for the world in general. It’s a time to help others and to strengthen relationships with sharing, support and help. Use these intentions in your spells for great results.

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