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Lughnasadh Sabbat

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When Is Lughnasadh?

August 1st – 2nd

Lughnasadh celebrations we know today are based on the ancient Celtic festival of Lugh, the Celtic Sun God. It marks a time when the the first fruits of the grain crops can be harvested and stored for the long winter ahead, and is a time of much feasting, celebration and reverence of the Sun God who is slowly losing power in the sky.

At Lughnasadh, we look to our past and future and honor the good times, while prudently preparing for the future. This is a time when the life cycle of all things comes into focus. The Goddess is a central theme as she is revered in her Grain Mother aspect.

Ways To Celebrate Lughnasadh


The first grain harvest marks a time of abundance. Seeds were sown and they have matured, ready for harvest. This theme runs deep on many levels with Lughnasadh.


While abundance is a deep rooted theme at Lughnasadh, change is also blended within this sabbat in an almost bittersweet way. The Sun God is losing power in the sky as summer begins to fade into fall. This change is to be welcomed, and is important to honor.


Of course, the traditional harvest is talked about during Lughnasadh, but what seeds have you planted in your own life that should be honored and harvested during this fruitful time of year? 


The surety that comes from a bountiful harvest instills a sense of confidence and overall prosperity. This time of year is a great time to focus on prosperity magic, as the world around you is giving its abundance without restraint.

Symbols Of Lughnasadh

Corn Dollies

A symbol of good luck and fertility. The corn dolly was made from the last sheaf of grain and honored for its representation of a successful crop.


A staple across continents and throughout history. Corn is a very important crop to this day, and the first stalk to be harvested was revered as a sacred event.


A symbol of the overflowing abundance of the land.


A scythe, or sickle, can mean many different things during this time of year, but it is commonly associated with the harvest in general.


The beautiful blooms and abundance of sunflowers offer both beauty and a harvest of their own. Known to be a very fertile and fast growing plant, sunflowers are a visual reminder of the bounty all around us.

Colors Of Lughnasadh


Used to represent the hot sun and the doldrums of these hot summer months. It represents transition to come and honors the consistency of the past.


Honors the fruitfulness of the earth and the Goddess in her abundant form. Green is a color of growth.


Orange is a symbol of the turning of the leaves that will transform the land from summer to autumn. 


A reminder of the Sun God and his powerful presence all summer long. It is a time to honor the sun, as it will begin to wane in strength and intensity.

Food & Herbs Of Lughnasadh


A bright yellow and cheery flower that celebrates the essence of Lughnasadh simply with its essence. Great for decorating your altar!


A staple that becomes ripe during this time of year, corn is celebrated for its numerous harvests, but especially during this bright sabbat.


Berries are ripening everywhere during this time of year! Go on a berry picking walk and add them to your bountiful feast.


With so many cereal grains ready for harvest, baking bread is a great way to connect to your roots and celebrate the perfect timing of the earth.


A cooling and abundant herb that can be found all over during the heat of Lughnasadh.


Pick a bouquet of colorful poppies for your altar and feast table. You’ll find them everywhere if they grow in your zone!

Things To Do On Lughnasadh

Bake Bread

The harvest of grains is happening during Lughnasadh, so bake bread and give thanks to the land , the God, and the Goddess if it suits you to bring more abundance in the coming months.

Make A Corn Dolly

An ancient symbol of fertility and abundance that can be made from corn stalks, wheat stalks or tall grasses.


Go outside in your local area and see what you can find to harvest. Focus on the energy of the wild grains that may be lazily drifting in the wind in your area, or simply harvest berries, herbs or plants to decorate your altar. ***NEVER eat anything from nature unless you’re absolutely sure what it is.***


Lughnasadh is the last part of the summer that handfasting was traditionally performed in. Renew your vows to your partner or do a handfasting ceremony with your friends.


A large part of the harvest is of course, eating! Feasting is a great way to honor the land and give thanks for all it has brought this year.

Spell Workings For Lughnasadh


At a time when there is much to be grateful for and abundance is all around, it’s important to honor these natural energies. Be generous and work your spells for the benefit of others around you.

Luck & Prosperity

Now is a great time to work luck magic as well. Spirits are high, summer is in full swing and people are generally feeling excited to be alive. Use this energy within your spellwork and luck magic.

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