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In the modern-day, witchcraft usually begins differently for everyone. Diving into this magical craft can be motivated by anything connected to it – love for nature, for animals, yoga, wisdom, and much more. Wherever you come from and how you started does not matter. You are freely welcome to practice different styles of witchcraft, depending on what feels good for you.

Witchcraft can be pretty overwhelming — especially for beginners who decide to study the craft. While studying and memorizing symbols works for others, it is not ideal for beginner witches to dive straight into it.

Witchcraft is both complex and simple. It only asks one promise from you: to keep your curiosity and mind open. Curiosity cuts the pressure for you to commit to a practice that does not fulfill the potential of your highest self. Being open-minded also opens you to your true spiritual gifts.

This guide will help you understand the basics of witchcraft and give you some fundamental information that you can always come back to when you’re feeling like advancing your understanding of your craft. 

Witchcraft For Beginners

New to witchcraft? Welcome!

You’ll never find a more open, honest and welcoming group than the witches that make up modern witchcraft. 

We come from all walks of life and celebrate the same divine power within ourselves to create change in the world around us, as well as our own.

So if you’re brand new to this, a great starting place is to take the following 5 steps into your mind and dwell on them often.

These areas will give you something to focus on while you do the inner work to inspire creativity within about the way forward for your beginner witchcraft path and magic. 

Sit in Meditation

Meditating is a beneficial activity for the body, spirit, and mind and is proven by different religious beliefs. Meditation is a way to cleanse yourself from egoistic tendencies that may sometimes lead to toxic behaviors. Meditation can calm the soul and open the spirit to receive.

When you are in meditation, you become your creator. Being in this state connects you with the highest form of the self, making you adept in creating successful manifestations.

Connect with Nature

Connecting with nature is practiced by all types of witches. This is because nature cleanses and restores the energies to one’s aura — our spiritual field where our decisions and thoughts are influenced by. Nature is also considered to be a natural healer.

Acknowledge your Path

One’s spiritual path is different from others. You are not better nor inferior to other types of witches. As a beginner, it is important to appreciate where you are in your practice. Acknowledge your path and avoid generalizing your ‘witch type’ early on. Use your curiosity and intuition to move forward rather than to commit to one certain practice.

Incorporate Tools to Your Practice

As you move forward, it is essential to incorporate tools that can support you in your practice. Crystals, herbs, and candles are just some of the tools that can make it easier for you to connect with your Highest Self.

Witches are humans too. Enlightenment does not indicate perfect calmness and numbness from influences brought by external forces. As you advance in the practice, you will realize how easy it is to absorb and bring home vibrations that can either serve or bring turmoil into your life. Crystals, herbs, and candles can be used to protect from these energies or affirm goals and desires.

Craft a Sacred Space

A sacred space is where you can feel calm, peaceful, and blissful. This is where you store all the positive energy in your home. Your sacred space or your altar is where you’ll be doing most of your rituals, meditation, and spellwork.

Being a witch is about being your best self no matter what path you choose to advance with. There is no wrong or right path, but rather a path where you find peace, love, and joy, or otherwise.

The Sabbats

One of the most jovial aspects about being a witch are the sabbats. We celebrate more holidays than everyone else and that’s a huge perk. 

But it’s not just the idea of more, but rather the connection to the earth and our personal power that these sabbats really bring to us.

Each of the eight sabbats provide us with a reminder to work with a specific aspect of our craft during a specific season of the year. 

This brings us closer to the elemental energies that witches often work with, and this is a wonderful thing. 

So, how can we celebrate these sabbats?

Below they are listed, along with a quick summary of how you can engage with them in your craft. Feel free to learn more about them on their full sabbat page as well. 


(December 21- January 1st)

Yule is an exciting time of year during the winter solstice. The days are the shortest they will be all year, meaning the darkness is all encompassing. Yet there is an inspiration within the darkness. After the winter solstice, the light will begin to return with more strength as spring begins to build in power. 

Celebrate rebirth, transformation and hope by burning a yule log, lighting red candles, and feasting with your favorite midwinter meals!


(February 1-2)

Time for a little spring cleaning! Imbolc is one of the 4 cross-quarter days that celebrate the in between times. Imbolc is the celebration of the time between the winter solstice and the coming vernal equinox in which we may see the first signs of new life as nature begins to slowly wake from her midwinter slumber. 

Celebrate Imbolc with themes of creativity, renewal, and fresh starts while you make a Brigid’s Cross, decorate your altar with white flowers, and clean and cleanse your home of clutter and cooped up energy.


(March 19-21)

Ostara celebrates the first day of spring, where the days an nights are of equal length and the world explodes with new life and abundance. Technically called the Vernal Equinox, Ostara happens at a time when the earth’s cycle is still in its waxing phase and from this point onward the days will begin to get longer than the nights.

Celebrate the vigor of Ostara with themes of rebirth, fertility, and balance while you sow seeds, color eggs, and begin something new to mark you own ability to create and manifest.


(April 30-May 1)

Another lively cross-quarter festival, Beltane is a fiery and passionate sabbat that inspires us to celebrate the midpoint between spring and summer while throwing caution to the wind and being free to celebrate life. 

Themes of fertility, life, passion and love of living are often celebrated through bonfires, flowers, maypoles and dancing.


(June 20-22)

Litha is full of light and life, as it celebrates the bright sunny days of midsummer/the summer solstice. A bittersweet time, Litha celebrates a time when the sun and life is at full force, yet it will begin to wane from this point forward as the days begin to slowly become darker.

Celebrate Litha with thoughts and spells of all you’ve accomplished during the first half of the year. Now is the time for feasting, abundance, joy and fulfillment.


(August 1-2)

Lughnasadh honors the time between the summer and autumn and is the last festival celebrated during the summer season. It’s a time to begin preparing your heart and mind for the coming winter season while you make offerings to the gods, goddesses and ancestors to show gratitude and reverence.

Celebrating Lughnasadh with themes of change, harvest, prosperity and abundance are common while you decorate with corn, sunflowers and bake bread and feast.


(September 21-24)

This is the time of the autumnal equinox, when again, the day and night are of equal length. Balance strikes the earth as we roll into a cooler time of year in which things are tidied up and a sense of gratitude comes to the forefront. 

Celebrate Mabon with themes of balance, fruitfulness and rest while you bake, clear out clutter and spend time in nature while the earth begins to wane.


(October 31-November 1)

Samhain is a wonderful time of year and often referred to as the witch’s new year. Ancestors are celebrated as we begin a new cycle of life and death in terms of our personal growth and the earth around us. Halloween has been adapted from the celebration of Samhain, with many of its themes coming directly from the imagery of ancestor worship and death of the nature as we know it. 

Celebrate Samhain with themes of ancestors, death, rebirth and introspection as you make bonfires, walk in nature, feast and make an ancestor altar.


Spells in witchcraft are the means by which can bring our mental desires into the world in a physical way. Think of them as tools for manifestation.

When we are able to align more closely with the energy of our desires we can effect real changes in life by attracting new events.

This is a simple description of how spells can work, but it can even be as simple as this basic description or as complicated as you’d like to make them. 

In the end, spells connect us to the things we want by allowing us to realize we already have them. We already have it because we’ve already done it.

Hope that’s a helpful generalization to get you started. 

Below are the main kinds of spells we’ve come to love working with. See which areas are important to you!

Protection Spells

Can be used to shield oneself from negative energies or incoming harmful spells from another. Protection spells are a must have in your book.

Learn Protection Spells >

Love Spells

Not just to attract a partner, often love spells are primarily used to encourage self love, confidence and belief in oneself more often. Also great for solidifying bonds and bringing new interests.

Learn Love Spells >

Money Spells

Many of these types of spells are designed to increase your current abundance and bring money into your life in surprising ways. Use these to bring more of what you already have.

Learn Money Spells >

Healing Spells

Life throws curveballs often and we all need time to relax and recuperate. Healing spells are great for this as well as to work for those who find themselves in poor overall health.

Learn Healing Spells >

Banishing Spells

Send the things that trouble you off for good with a well structured banishing spell. Whether it’s a toxic persona or a bad habit, these spells are perfect to let them be a thing once enjoyed, now not experienced.

Learn Banishing Spells >

Full Moon Spells

The power of the moon to a witch is both seen and felt deeply. She represents the cycles of our own growth, making her a wonderful ally if we’d only work magic with her.

Learn Full Moon Spells >

New Moon Spells

The new moon is a time for planting seeds of intention and beginning something new. Work these spells with these themes in mind for best results.

Learn New Moon Spells >

Binding Spells

Bind the things that bring you joy and set you free more closely to you. 

Learn Binding Spells >

Candle Magic

Candles are an incredible way to focus your intention into a physical object to bring about change in your life. 

While closely related to spellwork, candle magic is often thought of a means of divination as well as a tool to assist in spells and rituals. 

However you look at it, candle magic is a very simple and effect way to set an intention and have that intention rapidly become a reality for you.

There are a variety of ways to use candles for magic, but one of the most common is to leverage the rich colors of candles to further focus your intention. 

We’ll cover a few basic correspondences here, but be sure to dive deeper in our candle magic guide.

Common Spell Candle Colors


Aids in the destruction of negative energy, promotes peace, truth and purity.

Learn About White Candles >


For protection, absorption and destruction of negative energy and also repelling negative energy from others.

Learn About Black Candles >


Helps in meditation, healing, forgiveness, fidelity and opening lines of communication. Also great for calming, cleansing and truth seeking. Brings the lighter energy side when working with water

Learn About Blue Candles >


Improves joy, energy, education, strength attraction and stimulation.

Learn About Orange Candles >


Brings passion, energy, love, lust, relationships, sex, vitality and courage.

Learn About Red Candles >


For realizing and manifesting thoughts, improving confidence, bringing plans into action, mental clarity and clairvoyance.

Learn About Yellow Candles >


Draws money, fertility, luck, abundance and overall health & success.

Learn About Green Candles >


Increases spiritual awareness, wisdom and tranquility.

Learn About Purple Candles >


Allows positive self love, friendship, harmony and joy to abound.

Learn About Pink Candles >

Magical Herbs

Herbs are pieces of nature that connect us to the divine energies of the earth – wherever we are. All it takes is a sip, a sprinkle, or even just an intention to work with the immense power of our herbal allies.

Herbs are a green witch’s best friend but are not limited to their use. Herbs can be used by any type of witch and are a great way of quickly connecting with nature.

Aside from its healing properties, herbs are also known for its ability to protect the drinker with its elemental, protective energies that are essential for doing spellwork, astral projection, divination, or any type of manifestation ritual.

Below are five highly accessible herbs that you can you in your craft today, but don’t forget to see our guide to magical herbs for a much more complete list.


Rosemary is known for its ability to ward off negative energies that can potentially harm your home and your aura. Its ability to protect is particularly represented by its little spikes which look much like road strips or gate wires that shield itself from potentially harmful robbers.

Learn More About Rosemary >


Cinnamon is considered to be the most accessible and oldest herb for protection. The woody-like herb is associated with deities and spirits, making it a great spice to call on your spiritual guides and angels for protection during a spellwork or a ritual. Cinnamon is ideally placed in altars and sacred spaces to maintain the energies of the surrounding area.

Learn More About Cinnamon >


Sweet, aromatic, and fragrant. Basil is an ideal herb for protecting the heart from partners that may cause pain and arguments that may distort your perspective of the truth. Alternatively, basil encourages self-love, an act that protects the aura beyond the matters of love.

Learn More About Basil >


Keeping clove is an essential protective herb especially when you are around people often. Clove protects you from negative energies brought by malicious gossip and toxic office politics. This herb particularly benefits those who inevitably capture attention because of status and physical appearance. In the same way, clove can also release all types of envy and drives you away from the temptation to speak badly of someone.

Learn More About Clove >


Sage is known for its ability to clear the mind and give it practical wisdom. Sage is linked with intuition and knowledge, which makes it an excellent herb for aiding clarity, perspective, and insight in times of conflict.

Learn More About Sage >

Magic Symbols & Sigils

Witchcraft is unique in that it leverages many naturally occurring items easily found in nature to create change and work magic. 

But it also has deep connections to symbols and sigils not naturally found in nature that are focused on to draw power from.


Symbols are visual representations of a group of ideas that all center around a single main focus. These are incredibly useful and widely used within witchcraft as we draw power from a conscious collective. 

Some common witchcraft symbols include:

Triple Moon Symbol
The Triple Moon

Pentagram Symbol For Witchcraft
The Pentagram

Triquetra Symbol For Witchcraft
The Triquetra

Spiral Symbol For Witchcraft
The Spiral


Sigils are a bit different in that they are created when needed by a witch or group of witches and are far more unique and focused in their intention. Think of them as customized symbols that address a very specific need. No two are alike!

Here are two examples of sigils, but if you need more details go to our post on sigils here.

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