Witchcraft for Anxiety

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Witchcraft For Anxiety

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Witches aren’t perfect. We can know things, speak about things, know our true power yet still be overwhelmed by uncontrollable events, traumatic experiences and shortcomings. At this point, our craft becomes more of a teacher whose goal is to enable us to love life as it is.

Often anxiety takes hold when we think too much of the past or the future. Once you begin to live in the present moment, you will see how much beauty is there— enough to make you forget your eagerness to change the past or give in to the pressure to be perfect.

Cast a Healing Spell

There’s nothing better than self-healing by solitude. Casting a spell doesn’t always require you to memorize a long phrase or do a structured ritual. A healing spell can simply be composed of a seat and a one-sentenced mantra:

“I am healed.”

Repeat this as much as possible, feeling the energy of your words flow inward. Open your heart and welcome the healing energy coming from a few simple words.

Decorate your Workspace

If you always feel like you have a cluttered mind, decorating your home or workspace with items that make you feel at peace can make all the difference. Add crystals, plants, herbs or essential oils to cultivate a peaceful and creative aura in your area. Maintain the energy in this specific area by doing a cleansing once in a while or every time you encounter stress in your workspace.

Lay in the Grass

Anxious? Forget the world and simply lay in the grass. Imagine being a crystal, restoring your energy with cleansing vibrations from underneath the earth.

Sometimes, all we need is to plug in to nature, to mother earth.

Tarot Reading Session

A tarot reading session can help you be enlightened with issues that you might have denied repetitively in the past.

Only a note of caution to stray from selectively biased interpretations. Remember to keep an open mind and be observant of every thought that comes up when you draw a card.

Anxiety Spells

Connect with Other Witches Online

This period of time makes it harder to socialize and connect personally with other witches. Fortunately, thanks to technology, it’s easier to share thoughts and experiences with other witches online.

Sharing your thoughts with other like minded people — even with a simple post, or comment can make a great impact on you and on others. Just remember that you’re not alone!

Make a “Feel-Good” Jar

Spell jars sound great, but “feel-good” jars sound even better! Take a jar with you on a walk and gather everything that makes you love life. Add some herbs, a few crystals, maybe some runes or magical symbols — be creative!

Sometimes, all we need is a little lift to help us love life and forget that we’re here, reading this, to get rid of anxiety. Breathe in, breathe out and live today!

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