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White Sage Properties

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White Sage is one of the most common garden herbs with a sweet and savory aroma belonging to the mint family. This herb prefers temperate climates and possesses velvety leaves that release their attractive fragrance when rubbed or crushed.

In European traditions, White Sage was associated with longevity, wisdom, and eternal life. Known as popular witches herbs, White Sage has a wide spectrum of magical and enchanting properties.

As an old English custom, White Sage is consumed every day in May to grant immortality. In the Middle Ages, White Sage is used to treat fevers, epilepsy, and liver disease and drunk as a healthful tonic to strengthen the memory.

White Sage leaves and bundles make a great addition to sachets and potpourri bowls. It is deeply associated with manifestation magic and witches love to crush the dried herb for purification incenses.

Witches adore growing White Sage because it prospers in most home gardens and it also repels pests and thrives without much attention needed. Products such as Sage tea and essential oils help every witch in magical and medicinal works.

White Sage is adored for its many uses. This herb keeps things clean and maintains order in your daily life. White Sage does not only keep energies positive but is also an esteemed spiritual janitor that helps you reach out to higher realms for guidance and protection in every moment of your life.

White Sage’s Correspondences

Planet: Jupiter, Moon
Sign: Gemini
Element: Air, Earth
Energy: Masculine
Deities: Zeus, Virgin Mary, Zeus

White Sage Magical Correspondences

White Sage’s Magical Properties


Clearing blockages and negative energies are constant challenges to every witch who wants to keep their mind and living space purified. You can also boil sage for purifying baths or use its cleansing magic in purifying spells. It is an ideal way to use White Sage in smoking your crystals and magical tools from any negative spirits that may have inhabited them.

Granting Wishes

We all have wishes we want to come true. Whether we wish for a new love to come, success, or good health, it is truly fitting to count on nature’s wish-granting endowment. Writing your wish on a sage leaf and sleeping with it under your pillow for three days will help you turn these wishes into reality. Burying it in the backyard will release your intentions to the greater realms.

Mental Clarity

With all the things that are happening in today’s time, staying away from stress and toxicity is never easy. Tuck a White Sage leaf behind your ear to call in wisdom and sharp decision-making skills. Add sage to mojo bags or drink sage tea to heal exhausted emotions and spiritual disquiet. Keep your mind balanced by pinching off a fresh sprig from the garden and let it dry on the altar to invite a quiet mental atmosphere.


When you find yourself trapped in an unhealthy cycle of relationship with someone who is not the right person for you, burn some White Sage every night next to a photo of the person until your desire wanes. White Sage can also be used as an incense to attract the person you like and lit a fire to kickstart your romance.


Wearing masks and other protective gear may not be enough to keep yourself secured from harmful things. White Sage is also a powerful protective herb. Wear a horn full of Sage to protect you from the evil eye or burn it to dispel negative energy that may bring bad luck or illnesses to your home and family members.

White Sage’s Medicinal Properties

Lowers Sugar Levels

White Sage is believed to have anti-hyperglycemic properties that lower the average glucose levels.

Improves Brain Function

Herbalists believe that White Sage contains plant-based chemical compounds that act as antioxidants that help in improving the memory and other brain functions.

Supports Oral Health

It is thought that White Sage effectively kills bacteria that may cause dental cavities, infected gums, and mouth ulcers.

Combats Skin Aging

Herbalists believe that White Sage helps fight signs of aging such as wrinkles and age spots.

Promotes Bone Health

White Sage is believed to offer large amounts of Vitamin K that helps avoid bone thinning and fractures.

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