White Crystals

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White Crystals

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White and clear crystals are associated with the crown chakra. They are pivotal for meditation, divination, awakening consciousness, and heightening awareness during tarot readings and rune casting. These unique crystals enliven your senses while maintaining peace and calm in your spirit.

White Crystals are ruled by the Moon and are often connected to psychic and sleep energy. They possess all the colors and can amplify the high-vibrations of other crystals. Usually, crystals of this color signify innocence or catharsis, this resonates with its ability to cleanse your surroundings and dispel negative energies.

When uncertainty fills your mind and you do not know where to go, white crystals serve as vital guides that bring clarity and brighten every path you need to navigate while making sure that you will never go astray.

Solutions are generated from these crystals, so if you are clouded with confusion, these are the crystals that will present the answers you need, sometimes in the most unexpected ways. They will help you comprehend the complexities of life and bring you closer to the things that enhance your character.

Except for being an excellent sleep companion that guides you, a white crystal can also help you understand the messages your dreams convey and teach you how to incorporate those in your daily life.

Many crystals facilitate mental clarity and pull back the sense of order and balance in your life, and white crystals are no different. They imbue a stronger sense of self-discipline and mental sharpness that assists in retrieving memories that are long forgotten without neglecting the essence of living in the moment.

White Crystal Meanings

White symbolizes purity, wholeness and, perfection. This shade is usually a representation of a person’s cool and simple personality. It is a significant color that may indicate rebirth or death in other cultures; the endings and beginnings of life.

This is hailed as the color of certainty, clean intentions, and of wisdom and education. It produces pure energy and infinite possibilities while producing a calming and fresh atmosphere. However, too much brightness causes headaches and can even be blinding.

With its soothing and stellar exterior, the moon best represents this color. Crystals aligned with the energy of this planet are all stones of healing and purifying. This hue corresponds with the Eastern region is a valuable color that mirrors the Cancer zodiac sign.

Greek god Apollo or Pheobus represents this hue as he is the God of Light and he bears a healing power. The femininity expressed by this color stemmed from its linkage to Mary Aphrodite who embodies the motherly spirit as an Olympian Goddess.

White color is typically a blank slate that can serve as a stand-in for any other. It is also beneficial for eliminating old energies to bring in fresh, positive, and happy ones.

It affects the mind and body through clearing obstacles and uncertainties. It encourages the catharsis of thoughts and actions, the renewal of soul, and purification of the spirit.

White is the truest balance of all colors in the spectrum. In several cultures, white is a color of royalty and of religious figures like angels who bring enlightenment and guidance to humanity.

Our Favorite White Crystals

Apophyllite White Crystals


This stone houses a high-vibration that assists your body in correcting energy imbalances that may result in anxiety, depression, or any stress-related issues. Apophyllite is an excellent stone for meditation as it helps you concentrate through shutting out noises and is endowed with spiritual healing on a deeper soul level.

Selenite White Crystals


Selenite crystals have a gentle and soothing energy that heals and tranquilizes your troubled soul. It is one of the crystals that has a self-cleaning ability and can also cleanse other stones. This has a strong and protective energy that dispels harmful spirits and is excellent in making natural wands.

Moonstone White Crystals


Moonstone captivates empathy and the feminine energy. It helps in cooling down intense emotions and enhances creativity and psychic abilities. The motherly protection and tenderness of this stone brings guidance to the mother and the unborn child during pregnancy. Moonstone encourages growth and endurance in facing new chapters of life.

Scolecite White Crystals


A powerful re-balancing stone, Scolecite speeds up the revitalizing process of our body to recuperate from any illness. It soothes our senses to give us emotional and spiritual peace of mind and allows us to connect with a higher power. This inspires you to become a better version of yourself.

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