White Candles

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White Candle Magic

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White is an “all-purpose candle” used in numerous magical works to purify, restore, heal, and start a brand new chapter in one’s life. White spell candles are lit to manifest desires, used in prayers for oneself or loved ones, and are associated with pure devotion and remembrance.

These candles also summon the presence of a witch’s ancestral spirits that bless them with an extraordinary strength and vitality to finish every task they have. White candles are used to offer a prayer to honor the Gods and Goddesses of purity and light.

White candles activate the highest level of consciousness which makes it easier for an individual to focus his attention on a greater cause. They represent the wholeness of spirit and life-giving energy through its connection to the female aspect of God.

Focused on activating the crown chakra, white candles are responsible for releasing clarity and wisdom that transcends through space and time. White candles are ruled by the Moon planet and are sacred candles that represent the powers of the Goddess Selene.

White candles are very spiritual and are the most popular candles lit in churches and synagogues. With a deep sense of spirituality within them, white candles serve as unbreakable strings that connect the physical body with the gratifying energy of the soul and universe. They symbolize the maiden aspect of the triple Goddess and the protective light of angelic forces and guides. An ever-present candle in every ceremonial magic, white candles are best used in rites of passage practices.

White candles are representations of holiness, purity, and all other aspects that relate to the spirituality of one’s existence. Its presence is strong enough to replace any candle for spells and rituals. White candles bring balance to every situation and heal pained emotions of people who went through the darkest times of their lives.

White Candles For Witchcraft

White Candle Correspondences

Element: Air
Sign: Cancer
Planet: Moon
Day: Monday
Number: 1,2,5,7
Stones: Moonstone, Diamonds, Howlite

How To Charge White Candles

Charging your white candles means impregnating them with a certain degree of energy that rhymes with their vibrations and uses in magic.

White candles mirror the lunar energy and are used in many spells that involve the energy of the moon. Typically, white candles are charged using the moon’s presence or what is commonly called moon bathing during a full or new moon where the moon’s presence is in its highest potential. Charging white candles with the moon’s energy empowers and magnifies them with enchanting vibrations that make them effective in moon spells and magic.

As a color that represents purity and sanctity, white candles are charged by setting them in front of you while you meditate or just by simply offering a short prayer that speaks your purest intentions. Dedicating a prayer to the lunar Gods and Goddesses while you bath white candles with the light coming from the moon is also an ideal way to charge them.

Charge white candles by dipping or washing them with a desirable amount of crystal clear water mixed with aromatic New Moon essential oils. This process does not only re-charge your white candles but this also cleanses and restores their innate energy.

White Candle Spells

The color white unites every color in the world and white candles are not exceptions to this powerful combination. Every white candle is packed with powerful magical properties that are utilized through a variety of time-tested spells.

Beauty spells are some of the easiest spells to perform using white candles. This spell empowers a person’s being and builds their self-esteem to feel confident and proud of the skin they are in. It inspires self-confidence and is performed by stating loving words to oneself while lighting the candles or by carving these words on your white candles.

Performing lunar protection spells with white candles fills a person with grace and unwavering strength to defend his soul and property against harmful curses and energies that he might face especially during night time when the soul is in its most vulnerable state.

White candles possess a light that purifies and enlightens one’s spirit. Spiritual enlightenment spells using white candles thoroughly remove negative energies that may influence one’s spiritual preferences and lead them astray. This spell invokes the white light from the candle and brings enlightenment for a person to walk on the right path throughout his spiritual journey.

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