What is a Blue Moon in Witchcraft

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What Is A Blue Moon

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You might have heard of the saying “Once in a blue moon” which connotes an event that happens only occasionally. But where did this phrase come from?

Astronomically, a blue moon happens when there are two full moons in one month. This occasional event happens only once or twice in every two years. A blue moon in witchcraft is particularly celebrated because of its powerful feminine energy that is twice as strong as a single blue moon.

This is a time when feminine energy is at the height of its potential which makes it a great time for divination, scrying, spiritual rituals and rune divination or tarot.

What makes the blue moon happen this year is the fact that it’s happening during Samhain — when the veil between the physical and spiritual realm is thinner than usual. Because of the powerful energy circulating the air during this time, divination work is highly commended during this time as well, making it twice more intense than a blue moon during another time of the year.

Blue Moon In Witchcraft

Working With the Blue Moon

The blue moon is rising and so are you. Take this time to absorb the energies of the blue moon for the days and months to come and to use it in your new moon and full moon spells. Below are some ideas and activities that you can do to harness the power of the blue moon.

Spiritual Bath

Blue moon— the best time for a nice, cozy, auric cleansing spiritual bath. Prepare your bath by adding in calming essential oils and herbs including chamomile, lavender and peppermint.

This can help release tension and allow you to release everything you need to let go of: negative self-talk, self-shaming, limiting beliefs and past failures.

Full Moon Tarot Spread

Here’s an exception: do a full moon tarot spread for yourself. Tarot reading has its perks, but can be draining if you do it for someone else. Of course, there are no hard rules in witchcraft— but this time, give yourself some love before you pass it to others.

However, if you are planning to read for someone during this time, leave yourself some of its power by casting a circle or spiritually yourself from draining energies, including the baggage carried by the person you plan to read to.

Release and Let go

This time is not only the best time to release negative thoughts and self-limiting beliefs, but also fixed mindsets.

Scorpio energy can be so evident during this season, so it’s essential to check on yourself and see if you’ve become close minded. Before you head on to new projects, open your mind to new ideas — even the uncomfortable ones.

Try to listen and stray away from arguing as this can cloud the mind before you know it. Moreover, remember that you don’t always have to act on something to make the situation better.

Often, we are advised that doing something will make a difference. What we don’t see is the fact that it only gives us quite a false sense of security. Sometimes, all you have to do is listen, observe and let the energy of the divine feminine take charge.

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