What Happens When I Lose My Crystal?

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Lose Your Crystal

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Losing a crystal can be an upsetting experience especially when you have established an intimate attachment with it.

Crystals are pieces from nature that hold powerful vibrations that can cleanse and amplify the spiritual aura of the user or the wearer.

Some beliefs say that crystals attract the energy of the beings who need them the most. When you find something you like, spiritual people believe that the crystal chose you rather than the other way around.

But what does it mean when you lose your crystal? Is it because it doesn’t like you? Is it a sign to move on from a particular aspect of your life? Or does it mean that you lost your crystal and nothing else?


When a crystal gets lost, it may have just decided to leave you just because your goals are incompatible with it. It may also mean that your current standing in life does not necessarily need the help of the crystal.

Crystals have “souls” or “vibrations” and they have minds of their own, just not like ours. They have the power to leave this realm and travel across time and space.

When they find like they are not needed or not often attended to, they are most likely to “leave” and find someone else who needs them more.

If you have crystals that are unused or neglected, the best thing to do is to cleanse them as much as your favorite crystals and charge them with an intention relevant to your long-term goals.

Finished Business

Crystals can hear you. They push you to achieve goals by influencing the energies around you and shielding you from whatever may block your path to success.

Even if you don’t see it, they greatly contribute to the path that you pave yourself to succeed in your endeavors.

With that in mind, crystals, especially the ones that you use for manifesting particular goals, may get lost without permission. A crystal leaving you behind may simply suggest that its work with you is done.

Crystals Power

Accumulated Energy

Losing a crystal can mean similarly to breaking one. This could mean that the crystal accumulated built-up energies both positive and negative.

When this happens, a crystal either breaks itself or finds its way to cleanse and recharge itself back to its source.

Ideally, the best way to deal with accumulated energy is by regularly cleansing them especially after heavy divination or spell work to avoid damage. This also applies to crystals that are constantly brought to work or commute, where it is vulnerable to all kinds of vibrations.

Losing your crystal can mean anything. Sometimes, it may not even mean anything!

However, it’s important to keep a few pointers to maintain and develop the relationship you have with your crystals.

And remember, do not let a crystal control your life. If losing a crystal feels overwhelming to you, observe your emotions, write them down, acknowledge them, thank the crystal and move on.

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