What Are Sigils And How Can I Use Them?

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What Are Sigils And How To Use Them

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Sigils are magical symbols used to manifest your desires, reach your potential, and fulfill your dreams. They are symbols that encourage you to surrender your desires to your inner divine and let her do the magic.

What are Sigils?

Sigils are often not symbols that can be used by other witches. It is personal, intimate and, most of all, yours.

A “sigil” is the Latin word for “seal” which deems something as official, real and, done. Making symbols with an intention in mind means you consider your desire as manifested.

When you make intentions for Sigils, you do not speak as though you’re just expressing what you wish to happen. It’s best to use phrases that begin with “I am” as if you have already received the blessing and avoid negative phrases such as “I am not” and “I will not”, as this could easily be turned upside down.

Hold these intentions until you can write them down in preparation for the making of your sigil.

Sigils In Witchcraft

The Art of Surrender

What makes sigil magic different from other types of spellwork is its dominant reliance on surrender. A traditional practice of surrendering is by burning the sigil and forgetting what was cast.

Surrender is crucial in sigil magic because it releases any self-doubt and other biases that may influence the manifestation of your desire. Although forgetting may not be possible, it is important to honor the wisdom of life – that what will be, will simply be.

Cherish every moment and embrace every obstacle that’s given to you. It might just be what you need to carve a path to your goals.

Surrender doesn’t mean ‘no-action’. A sigil doesn’t work without your hard work, dedication, and perseverance.

How to Make a Sigil

What you need to make a Sigil:

A clear, specific intention

Set your Intention

Setting your intention is the most crucial part of sigil making. Take note that your intention or goal must be positive, clear, and specific.

You do not want to confuse your guides. Also, take note of your motivation and be conscious of what you are truly asking for.

Does it respect the free will of others? Will it cause pain to others? Will it harm the planet? Spells can be incredibly powerful. Take caution.

When you have thought about your intention, put it down on a piece of paper.

Cross out Letters

Next, take all the vowels from what you just wrote. For instance, if your intention is to be spiritually protected, this is what should come up with:

“I am spiritually protected”


Now, discard all repeating letters.


This is what you should have by the end of this step.

Make your Symbol

Once you have everything set up and crossed out, you should be ready to make your symbol.

To make your sigil, simply create a symbol out of the letters you’re left with. It’s probably easier said than done, but making your own sigil doesn’t necessarily need to be extremely beautiful or elegant. It just has to be something that you personally like.

Activate your Sigil

To activate your sigil, burn where you drew your symbol as an act of surrender and forgetting. Forgetting the spell you cast is important, to avoid disturbing the energies that are working to make this happen.

Sigils are powerful tools for self-development and divinatory insight when used with other tools like oracle cards, pendulums and scrying mirrors.

With the right intention, sigils can help you experience what you long for.

However, it is essential to know the motivation behind your desires to avoid harming yourself and others.

Lastly, it’s important to remember to surrender and simply let the divine source energy to do its magic.

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