Using Candles to Boost your Meditation Practice

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Candles For Meditation

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Candles are used in meditation for a whole lot of reasons, including its ability to keep one in focus during the duration of the meditation session.

Candles are also symbols of light and transformation, making it an excellent complementary tool for encouraging change of state, from physical to spiritual, from mind to spirit and from ordinary to divine.

Candles as Focal Point

The most common way to use a candle to boost your meditation practice is by using it as a focal point. A focal point is used to convert any space into an area suitable for quiet, calm, and peaceful rest.

It drives your attention away from work, relationships, annoyances, and other matters that have unconsciously created a cloud in your mind.

Using a candle as a focal point can also remind you of the light within you โ€“ a great reminder to start and end every meditation session with.

Candles for Manifestation

In witchcraft, the most common way candles are used in meditation is by setting an intention โ€“ like you would before you blow a birthday candle.

Colors play a significant role in any type of practice associated with witchcraft.

Every color represents a particular type of energy or aura that a person or an object has. Colored candles enhance a meditative experience by adding the power of intent in the sequence.

To pick a candle for meditation, first, ask yourself what you want to attain.

Then, select a candle that resonates with your intention. If you are seeking love, choose a red candle.

If you are seeking abundance, success, promotion, pick the yellow candle.

If you are seeking clarity, take hold of the purple candle.

If you have trouble speaking up or expressing what you feel, take the blue candle.

The more specific your intention, the better.

Meditation Tools

Candles and Symbols

Similarly, Witchcraft symbols and sigils are also one of the ways to add intention to your meditation practice.

Adding a sigil to your candle can boost your meditation practice by keeping your intention accessible by your subconscious, your intuition โ€“ especially during meditation.

Being spiritual doesnโ€™t negate the fact that you are human. You have the permission to wander off, be distracted, and think of something else, even in the middle of quiet meditation. However, this doesnโ€™t make a session any more effective.

Candles with a sigil redirect your attention to the purpose of the meditation. It allows you to become more aware of the present and manage your thoughts that are likely to create more disturbance and cloudiness.

Candles are just one among all the magical tools that you can use to boost your meditation practice. Candles connect to your spirit through the eyes- the window to the soul.

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