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Unakite Crystal

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The Unakite crystal is a granite-like stone with mottled green and pink patterns. Named after the Unaka Mountains seated at North Carolina, this sacred gem is also called Epidote from the Greek word ‘epidosis’ which means ‘growing together’.

Traditionally, this crystal is sprinkled with dried yarrow and stored in a sealed bag as a commitment or marriage symbol. It is believed that this crystal gives off the message that what comes together, belongs together.

This stone defends the spirit and alleviates the fears of the wearer. It lifts your spirits whenever you feel down with an exceptional balancing effect for your emotions and facilitates a positive mindset. In times when you feel troubled, lost, and suffocated with life’s chaotic grind, carrying this on your pocket would be of great help. Putting a piece of the stone under your pillow also aids in aligning your sleeping pattern.

It’s highly beneficial to the reproductive system, obstructs addictive habits, and provides a breakthrough to achieve your passions. This helps for low self-esteem and releases negative thought patterns. If you crave for harmonious and compassionate relationships in business or life, then you might want to add Unakite to your fancy crystal collection.

Unakite Correspondences

Ruling Planets: Mars and Venus
Astrological Signs: Aries, Scorpio
Elements: Water, Fire
Energy: Masculine, Feminine
Deities: Gaia, Clota, Bona Dea

Unakite Properties

The masculine planet Mars and the feminine planet Venus come together to rule this gemstone. This symbolizes the zodiac signs Scorpio and Aries, the birthstone of those born in March.

This is deeply linked to Goddesses Bona Dea, the Goddess of Chastity and Fertility, Clota, the Goddess of River Clyde as well as Goddess Gaia. Their prowess inhibits this gem invigorating one’s telepathic links with their ancestors’ spiritual guides, blocking negative force from piercing the Heart Chakra.

Also dubbed as the Stone of Clarity, its immense properties carry its power to uncover deception resulting in fresh spiritual epiphanies and facilitates rebirth. This captivating crystal draws abundance and brings healing to the heart and mind.

With its precise frequency of love, kindness, and clemency, this crystal brings equilibrium to the emotional body. The astounding powers of Unakite quiet fears of obscurity and inner cynic replacing them with enthusiasm to the future and credence to the path unseen.

How To Cleanse Unakite

The most simplistic method of cleansing your Unakite crystal is to rinse it with warm soapy water or coat it in olive oil and rinse it after several minutes. You can take the easiest and most uncomplicated route of cleansing your stone by simply placing it beside a naturally cleansing crystal.

The most bizarre way would be cleansing them with a blast of music and other sound energy that will consume all the negative forces ensnared inside the crystal. With the right kind of binaural frequencies, the crystal’s vibrations will gather all the undesired energy and resign them into oblivion.

This will provide your crystal with a brand new state and with more prominent energy to guide your vision.

How To Charge Unakite

Revitalize your crystal with the energy of the earth by placing it in your garden or bury it in the soil. Surround your crystal with plants that will produce the fresh air your crystal needs.

Another fitting way to charge your crystal is by directing your faithful and most positive thoughts into it. Focus on visualizing your intentions while saying a prayer or a chant. Take your time when performing these chants and prayers and put a lot of work in taking these actions, they will produce more powerful thoughts and positive energy that will be transferred to your crystal.

Mystic spells are an unerring way to charge your Unakite crystal to step-up its healing energy. This goes the same with meditation as it transmutes negative potential to a positive one and in return it will furnish your ever-glorious crystal.

How To Use Unakite

This alluring stone is endearing to many not solely for its aesthetic value, but also because this develops and amplifies clairvoyant abilities. Unakite tumble stones are the best selection for making jewelry.

Stone of Vision, as master crystal collectors call it, this gemstone encourages visionary abilities by opening one’s psychic intuition. It works with third-eye chakra and aids in visualizing the things a person desires to possess in his or her lifetime. A great help in boosting psychic connections to the Gods and Goddesses who hover the world with their insurmountable guidance.

Natural wands made from Unakite carry emotional healing when someone needs to bounce back from an emotional trauma. These wands provide deeper awareness when it comes to the necessities of one’s heart and enhances one’s ability to express passionate love to others.

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