The Four Elements And Your Craft

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The Four Elements In Witchcraft

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The elements surround us moment by moment, but many people go through life without noticing their connections to them. And as Witch, you’ve probably experienced a closer relationship to them than most.

Each gust of wind evokes a feeling, each leap of a flame has a hidden meaning, and our connection to the elements and their symbols is constant. The classical elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water, plus the fifth element of Spirit, are the energies of nature that are constantly working all around us to build the physical world that we experience.

It’s in the elements that we find structure and often aid as we raise energy to work magic. So let’s take a moment to honor the elements that evoke much passion and reverence, and allow deep insight into the world we live in.

Earth Element For Witchcraft

Earth Symbol For Witchcraft

The earth element is associated with the North, Gaia, Mother Earth, the divine feminine and fertility and wealth & abundance. Use it to root yourself deeply in the greater scheme of things as you work your magic.

Air Element For Witchcraft

Air Symbol For Witchcraft

The Air element is associated with the direction of the East. It invites quiet wisdom and communication to flourish in your life, but it can be difficult to hear. Air is an element that that can be used to bring greater clarity and wisdom into your life and is a symbol of breath of life itself.

Fire Element For Witchcraft

Fire Symbol For Witchcraft

The element of Fire represents the direction of the South. Its energy lends itself to purification, new life and new beginnings, and embodies masculine energy and destruction that creates new life and new opportunities. Fire can destroy, but it also creates.

Water Element For Witchcraft

Water Symbol For Witchcraft

The Water element represents the west, feminine energy and healing. Use it to draw more power from the divine feminine, and to work with love, healing, nurturing and washing away negative energy.

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