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The Fire Symbol In Witchcraft

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Passion, courage, and strength. The fire symbol represents the south and is a common symbol for inviting willpower into one’s life. Because of its strong inclination to strength, the symbol is considered masculine.

This boisterous element has been around for millions of years, providing both food, comfort, and destruction to humankind. Fire is both dangerous and beneficial, depending on how it is utilized. While it can provide cooked, nutritious meals, it can also be used to destroy and begin anew.

This symbolism can be seen in practices focused on cleansing, renewal, and action.

Fire symbol Associations

Fire is a symbol for Leo, the most enthusiastic, energetic, and magnetic of all signs. It is also a symbol for transforming, cleansing, and manifesting, as seen as ornaments placed on a home altar.

Fire is considered to be active, an emblem for encouragement and motivation.

Incorporating this in your daily life through practice can help you let go of situations and circumstances, particularly those that do not serve you.

Strong and fiery, Fire is an element that should not be taken lightly. As much as it can enlighten the spirit, it also tends to bring chaos and destruction when manipulated erroneously.

Fire Symbol In Magic
Your Altar And The Fire Symbol

The fire symbol is one of the most popular elements of a witch’s sacred space. It is represented by ornaments such as wands, candles in red, gold or white, spicy food, incense, cactus, matches, volcanic stones, images of the sun, sun deity statues, gemstones associated with the fire and more. Alternatively, you may directly use an image of the fire symbol to decorate your altar.

Fire Symbol in Tarot Reading

In Tarot, the fire symbol is represented by the suit of wands. The suit of wands is part of the minor arcana and is highly associated with ideas and readings of determination, primal energy, spirituality, inspiration, creativity, expansion, and innovation.

Drawing a card from the suit of wands is a positive sign entailing that your overall energy is directed towards enthusiasm and passion. This can also mean that you are nearing success in achieving your long-term goals.

On the other hand, a reversed card drawn from the suit of wands can entail purposelessness, recklessness, and volatility. This can mean that you are currently stuck, tamed by toxic and addictive behaviors. However, cards in reversed should not be feared or ignored. When this happens, the best action to take is by ‘going inside’ through meditation and acknowledging the root of these behaviors.

Often, you will find that most of these behaviors come from childhood trauma, fear, and past failure.

Fire is neither good nor bad. It is a symbol that portrays the reality of human and spiritual life. It supports opposing absolutes: nourishment and destruction. When using the fire symbol in your spiritual practices, it is important to take good caution by making sure you are not taking the free will of others or conducting spells that can cause pain in others.

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