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Eye Of Ra In Witchcraft

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In diverse cultures around the world, symbols have established their importance by expressing different meanings depending upon one’s cultural background and values.

Symbols are more than just an image. Some may denote a positive vibe such as luck or protection, while others invoke the power of resentment, violence, retribution, and death.

These symbols that we see even in the most mundane parts of our day represent one’s beliefs and serve as keys to unlock the innermost parts of oneself. The magical nature of symbols will only unveil itself when approached with the right amount of awareness and wisdom.

The Eye Of Ra As A Magical Symbol

The Eye of Ra is a prized representation of the sun to the Egyptian culture. It serves as a basic reminder to keep getting into action so you can live your life to the fullest. Referred to as the lunar god, the Eye of Horus has an immense similarity to the Eye of Ra.

Several Egyptian myths surround the Eye of Ra symbol. One myth tells the story of Ra’s children getting lost. As a devoted father, Ra plucked out his eye and hurled it into the darkness to find his children. His eye found his children and brought them back to him.

However, while his eye was gone, Ra grew a new eye. His eye felt deceived and became enraged. To appease his eye’s jealousy, he changed it into the uraeus and wore it on his forehead.

Another myth says that Ra became angry about how humans were treating him, and so he sent his eye to punish them. With all the rage there is, the eye wreaks havoc on humanity. Fearing that the eye would kill all humans, Ra used red beer to intoxicate his eye. The eye passed out and later returned to Ra, restoring the harmony that was once lost.

Often drawn on the front of magical papyri, the Eye of Ra protects magical words and bestows them with royal power. Much like the sun, the Eye of Ra is a source of heat and light, this symbol illuminates the energy of the fire and flames. With its destructive power, the Eye of Ra is used to protect people and their loved ones.

As one of the most ancient magical symbols, the Eye of Ra is also used in love spells, scrying, and defensive magic with high-protective power.

Eye Of Ra Symbol For Witchcraft

The Eye of Ra As A Protective Tool

The Eye of Ra has already been a thousand-year-old talisman across the centuries to come and protect people and their homes. This symbol is often summoned to defend people against natural disasters that can leave their spirits drained.

As a powerful symbol of protection magic, the eye is represented in amulets to dispel negative forces and maintain a harmonious living. In ancient times, the pharaohs also wear amulets to protect themselves against their enemies that destroy their government.

Some amulets are designed to combine the forces of the Eye of Horus and the Eye of Ra as this is believed to intensify each other’s power to protect the wearer. These amulets are painted with a darker shade of red that rebuke evil entities and works on spells to draw money and abundance.

For health protection, wearing it as a jewel is one of the most effective ways. This symbol can also be added as a display in your house, this does not only protect your living space and family but also paints a ray of security to your home’s integrity.

The Eye of Ra tattoos also carries the weight of its century-old protective nature. This tattoo is one of the most common ways to invoke its protection because it never leaves the skin. A common placement of the Eye of Ra tattoos is in the chest or shoulder blade, some also ink this tattoo behind their neck.

In using the Eye of Ra as a protective tool, one must remember to utilize it with caution. When invoking its unusual protective energy, things can get out of hand and it may bring destruction rather than protection.

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