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Sea Witchcraft Types Of Witchcraft

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The Sea Witch is often a solitary witch that honors a deep connection to the interplay between the land and the sea. Coastlines are a place of dynamic weather, shifting tides caused by the moon, and highly energetic elements at work.

The Sea Witch style of witchcraft works with the elements as they relate to one another in areas where land meets sea, and itโ€™s no surprise that the element of water plays a big role in their practice.

What Is Sea Witchcraft?

Sea Witches are very in tune to the magic of the moon, since it has a dynamic relationship with the tides of the ocean and large bodies of water. This is where the Sea Witch draws much of her ritual inspiration from.

Sea Witchcraft is based on raising energy from the already powerful forces of nature all around, but that specifically are heightened by coastlines. This means that rituals and spells honoring thunder, lightning, storms, the power of the sea and the roots of the land are all practiced regularly.

Let’s look at a few ways to get started with sea witchcraft.

Meditate On The Water

Water speaks in its own language. To meditate near your chosen water source is a powerful way to begin to discover its essence and learn its mysteries.

Spend time in silence and listen to all you can.

Understand The Weather

Weather affects us all in ways we may not always notice.

Everything from the atmospheric pressure, to the development of storms and weather fronts changes the way we go through our days. Begin to learn the patterns of nature as displayed by the weather!

Study The Lore

The sea is deep and full of mysteries, and it holds a pantheon unique to itself. Creatures like mermaids and nymphs and gods like Poseidon are all available as symbols of your Sea Witchcraft.

Learn their stories and draw power from their symbolism.

Work Storm Magic

Chances are, if you live by the sea you commonly bump into squalls, storms and other heightened weather related events. Use these events to bring power into your magic and rituals.

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