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Rose Properties

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Enchanting Rose flowers have been a symbol of love, magic, passion, and beauty since ancient times. Roses hold a variety of meanings depending on their color, red being the most popular and is a symbol of passion and lust. Its thorns are vile reminders of loss, pain, and betrayal.

In Pagan celebrations, Roses are given to someone as a famous token of love and admiration. In a tarot deck, Roses symbolize balance. Roses are associated with the Greek goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite as well as her lover, Adonis.

For some cultures, Roses are representations of blood and suffering. The femininity of this herb also serves as a symbol of purity and the loving energies of a mother. In the magical realm, Roses are lauded as the queen of all flowers and are capable of bringing love, good health, and fortune.

Rose Petals are a popular ingredient for perfume making and are admired for their gentle and delicate scent that is often used in meditation practices to bring awareness and comfort to the senses.

With enchanting energy, witches love to fill their vases with roses to decorate their homes, especially their center tables, and beautify their home altars. When dried, Rose Petals are typically sprinkled in baths to invigorate the aura and energize the soul.

Rose Petals are bearers of love and beauty, its extensive magical and medicinal uses and benefits have been proven through the test of time.

Rose Correspondences

Planet: Venus
Sign: Taurus
Element: Water
Energy: Masculine
Deities: Aphrodite, Eros, Adonis

Rose Magical Correspondences

Rose Magical Properties

Prophetic Dreams

Witches, even in dreams, surround themselves with messages and symbols that bring wisdom to serve as a guide in their everyday life. Add a few Rose Petals to your incense to encourage prophetic dreams through its smell. You can also make a soft infusion with Rose Petals and drink it before bedtime to increase the chances of connecting with angelic forces to bring you more wisdom and awareness.


Every person wants their dream love life and love wishes to come true. Witches can make use of Rose Petals in their love rituals or spells to assist them in achieving these desires. Rose Petals can also be used as a perfume or in creating a special love necklace. Each petal represents a person and the last petal that stays on the necklace means that he is the person for you.


Regularly cleansing your mind and personal energy is very essential as this also keeps your aura calm and fresh. Boil Rose Petals in a pot and cool it down, pour the water over your body in a bath and let your body indulge in a purifying bath. Another way to purify is to use Rose Petal creams and lotions to massage your body with.


As a member of a household or a community, witches yearn to maintain positive energy around them and with the people they are with. To encourage a friendly atmosphere and harmonious connections, use dried Rose Petals as an altar offering. Sprinkling dried Rose Petals around your home will relieve personal tensions and help lift the spirits of people living in the residence by avoiding any conflict.


Turn away harmful and evil influences from entering your space by using Rose Petals as a protective charm against the evil eye. To keep yourself and your companions safe in every journey you are in, wash your clothes with rosewater and bring sachets filled with dried Rose Petals when you travel.

Rose Medicinal Properties

Heals Wounds

Herbalists believe that Rose Petals have antiseptic nature that helps in curing cuts and abrasions.

Regulates Menstruation

Rose tea is thought to regulate menstruation and relieve menstrual cramps.

Alleviates Constipation

It is believed that drinking a rose tonic helps to relieve muscle spasms in the intestinal tract that may cause constipation.

Lowers Cholesterol

Rose Petals are thought to be mild laxatives that aid in lowering cholesterol.

Cures Sore Throats

Herbalists believe that gargling Rose tea cures sore throats, coughs, and other respiratory illnesses.

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