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Red Candle Magic

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Red candles are often associated with the power of love, passion, lust, and sex. This connection with the romantic aspect of one’s existence makes the red candles very much available and best deployed to assist in every magic spell to attract love, intensify one’s passion as well as seduction and lust.

Leaning on a different but equally vital connotation of red candles, they are also profoundly connected to one’s intense and substantial energy or immunity. Red spell candles are even used in spells or as lucky charms for good health, protecting oneself from harmful elements, and dangerous circumstances that may lead them to dark, life-threatening paths. In many ways, red candles are also there to supply the mind with wisdom and the body with longevity and agility.

Red candles are associated with the fire element, this connection between the two allows a red candle to give resurrection and rebirth to things, people, and relationships. These candles can also be seen in a different light through its alignment with the male energy of the planet Mars that highlights the candles’ ability to attack and defend, assert and release the dangers of anger, revenge, war, and the spilling of human blood through death.

These candles activate the root chakra which is responsible for life’s stability, security, emotional connection, and all the basic needs required to support one’s existence. Each red candle lit in any circumstances will call upon the strengths and spiritual guidance of Gods and Goddesses of fire, sun, love, and fertility.

Red candles are a wonderful addition to a person’s life. Working with red candles boosts one’s energy, excites, and encourages the passionate side of every individual. They invoke energies that burn fears and hesitations so one could go after the things that enrich and celebrate the essence of their existence.

Red Candles For Witchcraft

Red Candle Correspondences

Element: Fire
Signs: Aries, Scorpio
Planet: Mars
Day: Tuesday
Number: 5, 9
Stones: Ruby, Garnet, Pyrite

How To Charge Red Candles

The fire element, even during the ancient times, is very much prized for its connection to the energy imbued by the red color. In charging your red candles, it is best to re-connect them with the fire element to empower them. Coat the red candles with an essential oil, in this case, it is ideal that you use Rosemary oil to coat your red candles with. Hold your candles and pass them over the flame as you say your intentions for charging them.

Charging your red candles with the invigorating yet comforting heat of the morning sun awakens their fiery energies and gifts them with extra power to help accommodate your desires when casting spells. Simply place red candles inside a bottle and set them on your windowsill facing the south to catch the powerful energies of the morning sun.

Keep your red candles charged with robust energies by wiping them with a soft red cloth with a bit of essential oil and surround or sprinkle them with petals of red roses. You can keep the red cloth wrapped around the red candles to keep them charged for a long time and place them inside the cupboard or bedside drawer.

Red Candle Spell Ideas

Red is the color that reflects a person’s passionate, fiery desire to pull another person’s love strings and make them fall, if not head over heels, with them. A Love Spell best shows the magic of every red candle, so if you want to attract someone and make them stay with you for a very long time, just light a red candle in one hand while holding their picture on the other hand.

Rekindle the love you’ve lost and make them even passionate this time by performing a Reconciliation Spell with your red candles. By lighting two red candles to represent you and your lover, this spell helps in bringing the two of you back together and reignite the love and passion you’ve lost. This spell also breaks curses that separate you from your lover or influence your relationship in an unpleasant way.

Red candles are not solely about binding one person to another, in some ways, they also help in releasing negative emotions and break the chains that connect you to a toxic person or relationship.

Use this Letting Go Spell to release them from your system and finally move on from any pain that they have caused you.

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