Purple Candles

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Purple Candle Magic

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Purple candles are symbols of extravagance, wealth and royalty. They enhance spiritual connection and bring satisfaction to many pursuits involving the power of the mind or psyche. The use of purple candles releases progressive and protective energies that allow people to attain lasting fame, fortune, and life’s luxury.

The two leading characteristics of purple candles are drawn from its alignment with the energy of the planets Neptune and Jupiter. Neptune bestows purple candles with the ability to bring life to dreams, illusions, and magical works that involve the powerful energy of the mind. On the other hand, Jupiter influences purple candles through its ability to bring innovation and expansion in many avenues of one’s existence.

Associated with the Pisces and Sagittarius signs, purple candles deliver balance to a person’s life through giving wisdom, a compassionate attitude without neglecting their cheerful side. These candles are also linked with the numbers 7 and 8, that symbolizes completion, success, and infinite nobility.

Purple candles, as much as they are utilized in magical works involving the mind, are also lit to heal the soul especially when a person went through many psychic attacks. The regular use of purple candles in meditation fixes distorted sleeping patterns and reduces sleep paralysis.

Activating the eye chakra, purple candles build a bridge to connect the mind to the higher spiritual dimension that will present clearer visions and a greater spiritual awakening. A combination of red’s fiery, intense energy, and blue’s calming and soothing vibrations, purple candles are the perfect candles to light when you need to bring back the balance in your life.

Purple candles are torches inside a dark tunnel that bring light to everyone’s life by inspiring them to bring out their hidden knowledge, talents, and every single thing they need that will highlight their greatness.

Purple Candles For Witchcraft

Purple Candle Correspondences

Element: Fire
Signs: Sagittarius, Pisces
Planets: Jupiter, Neptune
Day: Thursday
Numbers: 7, 8
Stones: Amethyst, Sugilite, Lepidolite

How To Charge Purple Candles

Purple candles can be charged in three different ways and each method produces a distinct energy that can be used for a variety of magical purposes.

Start by charging purple candles with the energy of the full moon. When the skies are clear and the moon’s powerful presence can be felt, that would be the best time to place your candles in a safe spot outside your house where it can bath with the energies of the moonlight. Let your candles be embraced with the moon’s motherly arms and be filled with wisdom and spiritual connection.

Charge these royal-looking purple candles with the energy of the words and symbols. By using a needle or any sharp material, carve symbols, words, numbers, or anything that best represents your wishes and prayers on your purple candles. This brings out the creativity in you as you create different symbols to express your emotions on the candles.

Storm charging is a full-blown charging of heavy-duty energies to purple candles. Place purple candles on an area where the storm occurs to expose them with the energy of the thunder and lightning. This method will ignite the candle’s ability to protect its owner against any harm.

Purple Candle Spell Ideas

Farewell Spell using purple candles sends our goodbyes to our departed loved ones. Light a purple candle on your home altar while holding the picture of your deceased loved one or anything that reminds you of them. You can say a little prayer, a message, or just think of them and your happiest memories together. This spell honors the memories of the dead and releases pain especially when you are still reeling from the emotions brought by the loss you went through.

Purple candles are often used for healing and removing diseases from the mind and body. With a color that has a deep connection to the mind, purple candles magically remove anxiety. Use these candles for Anti-anxiety spells to help you vanish anxious and stressful emotions. These spells are also used to avoid being trapped in a stressful situation and keeps your mind focused and in a calm and serene condition.

This captivating color has been regarded as the color of royals that is why purple candles are popular candles used in spells for gaining recognition or fame. Other than popularity and being recognized, this spell also improves your career and status in different areas of your life.

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