Pink Crystals

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Pink Crystals

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Pink crystals are soothing and calming to the heart and soul. Crystals of this shade are love attractors because of their nurturing energy. These gemstones promote self-love, self-acceptance, and self-worth.

The energy released by pink crystals builds warm and gentle emotions that flow within your body. This strong energy fills you with a positive outlook in all kinds of love in various relationships.

An epitome of love and romance, pink crystals also bring prosperity and joy. With its loving appearance, it encourages humanity and teaches lessons of kindness and empathy. They are stones that offer gifts of unity and understanding, preserving harmonious relations and bonds with others while unleashing your wise leadership qualities.

Pink crystals hold a quiet, but powerful shade of femininity which makes them delightful to cleanse and powerful when charged with your intention. Contrary to its reserved color, it has an energy that draws a tremendous impact on life. It casts a light on every confusing situation and is a great support in turning dreams into reality and boosting your career as it bestows energy to get things done.

Pink crystals represent love and romance with the heart chakra. This chakra influences emotional intelligence to attain peace through recognition and forgiveness. They aid in relaxing the body and the emotions. Its healing properties hold the key to discover divine love in nature and humankind.

Pink gemstones serve as a reminder to give and accept love in equal measures. Its delicate color mirrors the sweetness and fragility of life. It attracts pure, young love and a greater love and solidarity for the world in times of turmoil.

Pink Crystal Meanings

Femininity is the most prominent representation of the Pink color. This shows the heart-felt passions bore from the sweetness of an innocent love that transcends through time.

This hue is aligned with the female planet Venus. It corresponds with the South direction and profoundly correlates with the zodiac signs Taurus, Gemini, and Aries which resonate with this color’s link to the fire element.

As a color of femininity and love, pink symbolizes Eros or Cupid, the Greek god of love as well as his mother Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love.

Often, pink is associated with beauty, marriage, and a warm friendship. Its gentle tone also has a strong relation with pregnancy and conception. This shade is astonishingly healing especially in matters of love.

Pink brings a reassuring and calming vibe that lightens emotions of resentment, anger, and indifference. It makes you and your partner feel connected physically and emotionally in a gentler approach.

It inspires affection and intimacy in handling matters of relationships, replacing one’s impulsive trait with a tender loving potential. A combination of red and white, the pink color elicits a gentler and softer kind of love.

This shade symbolizes wisdom and concentration. It keeps you from being distracted or absent-minded all while keeping the enthusiasm and optimism of your spirit.

Pink is the color of uncomplicated emotions and naivety that brings out the child-like attitude within all of us. It influences one’s outlook in life with simplicity and a compassionate heart to face perplexities with a nurturing and tender attitude.

Our Favorite Pink Crystals

Rose Quartz Pink Crystals

Rose Quartz

A stone of universal love, Rose Quartz reestablishes trust and unconditional love in every relationship you find yourself into. This crystal is used as a love token during ancient times. It carries a soothing feminine energy that boosts nourishment, comfort, and tenderness to oneself and others.

Thulite Pink Crystals


Thulite encourages acceptance and clemency through your interactions in various circumstances in your private and professional life. This is a brilliant crystal that carries an ecstatic and cheery energy to the emotional body, eliminating thoughts of negativity providing your mind and body the comfort they need.

Morganite Pink Crystals


The expertise of Morganite encompasses assurance, healing, promise, and compassion. Its delicate pink energy produces cleansing of stress and anxiety or suppressed traumas. This crystal will further ease your burden and deliver clarity in every situation through the help of universal energy.

Rhodochrosite Pink Crystals


The deep pink shade of these crystals resonates with the heart to encourage self-love. Rhodochrosite aids in healing old wounds that prevent you from feeling worthy of being loved and accepted. This lovely and gentle-looking stone is ideal for finding new love or rekindling an old flame.

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