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Pink Candle Magic

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Candle magic is a powerful form of magic used by many cultures for many purposes. Different representations and messages live in every candle which varies in every color.

Pink candles are remarkable candles deeply woven with the ideas and principles of love and devotion. A lighter and more gentle shade of red, pink candles leans more on a kind of love similar to love for close friends, a blossoming, young love, and motherly love that demands nothing in return rather than a fiery, sensual one that red candles are known to represent.

The pink candle is the third candle in the Advent wreath or Advent Crown. Among the four candles in the Advent, pink stands as a symbol of immeasurable joy. Also called the “Shepherd’s Candle”, the pink candle is also associated with roses, a popular spiritual flower in the Roman Catholic religion.

This shade of candles is related to Mother Aphrodite for its association with love, specifically the filial kind. Possessing the emotional and spiritual properties of the Venus planet, pink candles are bearers of the energy of the water element. Typically, pink candles are burned by witches particularly on special occasions to summon and honor the powers of the Gods and Goddesses of love, femininity, and everlasting joy.

With relation to the female energy and many rituals associated with women, pink candles are most potent when used in conjunction with gemstones that inspire women empowerment and fertility. Tap into the pink candle’s energy to activate the power of the heart chakra that supports major transformation in many planes of one’s life.

The soft and pleasant color of the pink candle is overflowing with gentle vibrations that attract soft, uncomplicated emotions. Pink candle magic restores relationships through its ability to patch up holes in broken ties and even renews the gentle love in every relationship by generating unfeigned forgiveness and empathy.

Pink Candles For Witchcraft

Pink Candle Correspondences

Element: Water
Sign: Cancer, Gemini, Libra
Planet: Venus
Day: Friday
Number: 6, 9
Stones: Pink Kunzite, Rose Quartz, Rhodonite

How To Charge Pink Candles

Charging your pink candles infuses them with an extraordinary energy that binds with them throughout the process of using these candles in many varying purposes that one desires.

Pink candles are known to be associated with love. To charge your pink candles, dedicate a few special lines that state your particular purpose while lighting your pink candle and placing it on your altar. You can also charge them by keeping in mind a general intention connected to love matters and save them for future use especially on occasions related to love.

Lighting a pink candle is also believed to build a special bridge that connects you and your future love spiritually. Pink candles can also be charged by concentrating on the idea of attracting a lover while you visualize the desired attributes you want your future love to possess, hold a crystal associated with love such as rose quartz in your hands to add extra energy to be charged on your pink candles.

Charge your pink candles by surrounding them with love stones or any pink stones you prefer. This will immerse your pink candles with an energy that intensifies the granting of your wishes about matters associated with love.

Pink Candle Spell Ideas

Pink Candles are widely known for their massive role in love spells specifically in attracting a new love to show up in your life. This does not necessarily mean an immediate romance to happen between you and another person, rather pink candle magic spells for love speaks of extending a helping hand in finding the right person with the right intention for you.

Your pink candles, with its gentle color, can imbue a strong healing capacity that cures physical, spiritual, and emotional wounds. Used in healing spells, pink candles bring a motherly warmth that facilitates a soothing and revitalizing cure. Through the use of this pink candle spell, the sick will go through a speedy recovery process from any illness and finally let good health return to his side.

Other than romantic love, pink candles are also used in spells to strengthen one’s self-love. Whenever performed, the whispers of loving words from the heart of a person encourages the appreciation of the beauty self-love brings in a person’s life and being. This pink candle spell allows nurturing and restoration of the mind, heart, and soul.

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