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Orange Peel Properties

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Orange Peel is a glorious embodiment of the Sun’s energy. It lifts your emotions and just like the sun, it brings a therapeutic warmth to your body and soul. Oranges are commonly placed on Yule and Litha altars to signify the Sun’s return at Yule and acknowledge its strong presence during Litha.

Throughout history, Oranges have been a symbol of happiness, wealth, and fertility. Its association with fertility and love is through the goddess of fertility, Gaea. In mythology, Gaea gave Hera the Garden of Hesperides as a wedding gift, which was brimming with golden apple trees that are believed to be oranges.

Orange Peels carry uplifting and energizing energy that inspires joy and prosperous relationships. It is said that gifting oranges to your friends and loved ones is an expression of love and tight bond.

All kinds of witches love to keep dried orange peels or seeds that are typically added to love sachets as well as prosperity powders and are very ideal to make use of when you can’t make up your mind especially on love-related matters.

Orange Peels have a high-energy scent that connects human beings to angels and the spiritual world. It reminds us of the promise of the Sun and keeps us focused on our goals without turning our back to the most valuable things in life. Orange Peels bring tranquility to our minds and help in finding the right path when you are stuck at life’s crossroads.

Orange Peel’s Correspondences

Planet: Sun
Sign: Leo
Element: Fire
Energy: Masculine
Deities: Helios, Apollo

Orange Peel Magical Correspondences

Orange Peel’s Magical Properties


The majestic scent of Orange Peels brings uplifting and powerful energy that captivates abundance and good fortune in a modern witch’s daily life and career. Insert an orange peel in your pocket when in business negotiations. Using orange peels in amulets also pulls strings of luck to your finances and generates positive energy that draws good fortune.


Orange Peels are love attractors and enhancers. Either way, every witch can count on Orange Peels to improve the status of their relationships. To encourage marital bliss, sprinkle dried Orange Peel under your bed or mattress to keep your partner faithfully in love with you. Burning dried Orange Peels along with Lavender on charcoal can also draw you and your soulmate closer to each other.


For every witch who yearns mental clarity to make the right choices and decisions in varying life situations and challenges, Orange Peel is a remarkable ingredient for spells and incense. Stuff orange peels in a spell bag and always carry it with you whenever you find yourself being indecisive. Burn orange incense and fill your home with its citrus flavor that awakens your senses and clears blockages.


One of the most prominent uses of Orange Peels is for attracting luck. Its connection to the sun brings luck in every adventure you are in. Pamper yourself in a bath mixed with Orange Peels, its citrus smell brings vibrant energies that can also keep luck by your side. Make an orange spray by mixing water and orange peels and use this spray to clear negative spirits that prevent luck from entering your home and life.


Various detrimental forces can come as an overwhelming surge of signs and emotions that may confuse a witch from recognizing the real message that the spiritual world tries to tell her. To unlock prophetic dreams, place a sachet of dried orange peels under your pillow. Count the seeds in an orange when you need divinatory answers to your questions; an even number of seeds means yes while odd numbers would mean no.

Orange Peel’s Medicinal Properties

Improves Eyesight

Oranges are believed to contain Vitamin C that contributes to healthy blood vessels in your eyes which is a key to good eye health.

Lowers Cholesterol

Herbalists believe that oranges are rich with vitamins and antioxidants that lower the cholesterol level of your body.

Prevents Skin Damage

It is thought that Oranges boost collagen production that improves overall skin texture.

Strengthens Bones and Muscles

Oranges are high in calcium which is an important nutrient to keep your bones and muscles healthy.

Enhances Blood Circulation

Herbalists believe that Oranges strengthen capillary walls and prevent plaque build-up that may cause poor blood circulation.

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