Orange Candles

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Orange Candle Magic

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A combination of yellow’s mental agility and red’s energetic nature, orange candles are long-standing representations of personal strength, alertness, and authority. Its vibrant hue releases youthful energy and is well-suited to mirror one’s strength and uniqueness.

Orange candles are magically remarkable for sending courage and bring a dose of enthusiasm in facing adversities. These candles encourage aggressiveness in taking up new opportunities and challenges while giving you excellent willpower to push off distractions and focus on achieving your long-term goals.

Aligned with the sun, using orange candles allows a person to find the highest and best trait they have and express it in a way that makes them glow into the world. Its association with the fire element facilitates bravery and a heart that has a burning desire to conquer fears. Activating the sacral chakra, orange candles are windows to one’s versatility, self-expression, and intimacy.

Represented by the numbers 8 and 1, orange candles house a consistent and infinite flow of vigor and energy. This candle magic connection to these numbers resonates with orange candles’ use in witchcraft to attract never-ending wealth, intrepidity, success, and every single desire a person has. Lighting an orange candle invokes the enthralling spiritual presence of Gods and Goddesses of strength, justice, and victory.

However, like many other material things in this world, orange candles also have a dark side hidden away from the naked eyes. Orange candles, unbeknownst to a lot of people, can spark negative emotions such as jealousy, cowardice, and a sudden change of heart that scars other people’s feelings.

Orange candles, as you know, contain two shades- yellow and red. However, beyond this combination, orange candles carry worlds of black and white, positive and negative connotations, and a mystery that has long been etched in the depths of the universe.

Orange Candles For Witchcraft

Orange Candle Correspondences

Element: Fire
Sign: Leo
Planet: Sun
Day: Sunday
Number: 1, 8
Stones: Carnelian, Coral

How To Charge Orange Candles

Orange candles bring a citrusy atmosphere and stimulating energy whenever they are around. These candles evoke one’s adventurous attitude and give way to a bolder, braver version of an individual.

The fire element, though seen as a disruptive force, also has a strong charging characteristic that helps orange candles re-energize and absorb fresh energy that improves their powerful abilities. Make a simple bonfire and hold your orange candles on both palms as you watch the fire and mention your intentions when using the candles. Connected to the fire element, this charging method will bolster up the energy of your orange candles.

Charge your orange candles using the energy of water. Place a bowl of water under the sunlight for a few hours and use this water to wash your orange candles with. Water-charging can also be done by placing your orange candles on places near running water. This will not only charge your candles but can also cleanse old and stagnant negative energy from them.

Orange candles can be charged using a small fabric with the same color. Wrap your orange candles with soft orange fabric and keep them inside a drawer or cupboard for a day or two.

Orange Candle Spell Ideas

Use your orange candles for a Legal Blessing Spell to finally get the justice you deserve. The magic of orange candles are often used for winning court battles and bring a desirable outcome to any legal matters. With a pure heart and intention, the weight of justice can be on your favor by lighting your orange candles and sprinkling Bay Leaves on top of it as you think of the legal process you are going through.

Orange candles give off an invigorating and youthful spirit that is why they are also used in Uplifting Spells to bring comfort to the spirit whenever a person is feeling down or disheartened. Invoking the power of the sun, Uplifting Spells produces the optimism one needs to get through trying times. This spell illuminates the darkest path, uplifts the spirit to see things in a different light and focus on the better days that are yet to come.

A Money Magic Spell is a popular spell where orange candles are ideally utilized. Light an orange candle at your business place or place it beside your cash register to improve your cash flow and maintain successful investments to keep your finances in its best state.

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