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Mugwort Properties

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Native to Europe and Asia, Mugwort is a perennial herb and an esteemed member of the daisy family. Mugwort is typically found in uncultivated areas; hence grows abundantly in meadows, and ruins with rocky soils and loves plenty of sunlight.

Mugwort is said to be given to women by Goddess Artemis to help with pain in delicate parts of a woman’s body, especially during childbirth. Over the course of time, Mugwort has been used for a multitude of purposes including protection against evil spirits and as a part of the bouquet of odors.

Various cultures use Mugwort as a psychic or lunar herb that is greatly protective against exhaustion, distress, and even poisons. It was used as an amulet by travelers and even Romans were said to place a sprig of Mugwort in their shoes to counter weariness in long journeys.

The long stems and nifty leaves of Mugwort are commonly made into wreaths and garlands especially during festivals. Mugwort does not only protect many witches against evil spirits, but is also an all-rounder when it comes to purifying homes and repelling insects making it a notable addition to every witch’s pantry or garden.

Mugwort is an eye-opener herb that brings dreamy emotions to our senses while rekindling us with our memories. This is an excellent aid in confronting painful truths brought by difficult life situations. Mugwort clears our mind from vile reminders of the past and adds a magical touch to our future.

Mugwort’s Correspondences

Planet: Moon, Venus
Signs: Taurus, Libra
Energy: Feminine
Element: Earth
Deities: Artemis, Hecate

Mugwort Magical Correspondences

Mugwort’s Magical Properties

Lucid Dreaming

Mugwort can give every witch the most fascinating lucid or prophetic dreams that deliver meaningful messages to help them in their daily lives. Making dream pillows stuffed with Mugwort encourages prophetic dreams. A simple piece of Mugwort kept under your pillow also helps to have lucid dreams. A fancy way of filling an embroidered silk sachet with dried Mugwort leaves will also allow vivid and creative dreams.

Astral Projection

To experience dreamlike travels and give your soul an incredible sensation as you enter the other world, Mugwort could be the best companion for successful astral travels. Rub Mugwort flying ointments in your forehead or you can also take it as a pill. Drinking Mugwort tea can also protect your spirit as you begin to explore another remarkable journey.


Mugwort is an herb that encourages deep purifying in every witch’s home and soul. Use Mugwort as an energy cleanser by burning its dried leaves and spread its smoke across the room using your hand or a large feather. For body and mind cleansing, pamper yourself in a bath with Mugwort essential oils. Make a magic broom with Mugwort woven into it and use it to clean and sweep away negativities in your living space.


Mugwort does not only protect you externally but also during spiritual journeys. Protect yourself from psychic attacks by using this as a fumigant. For external protection, hang Mugwort above your doorways to prevent thieves and other negativity from entering your home. Carrying a satchel of dried Mugwort also protects you from illnesses and danger. Burning dried Mugwort offers heightened protection before doing psychic works.

Psychic Vision

As a visionary herb, Mugwort is an essential element for every witch to amplify their psychic vision. Create a set of smudge sticks using dried Mugwort and use them for rituals and intention setting to inspire divination and bring about prophecy. Drinking a Mugwort tea encourages delicate observations and wisdom that opens your mind to prophetic messages from higher psychic realms.

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