Magical Crystals for Samhain

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Magic Crystals For Samhain

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If you’re a witch, then it’s no wonder why you’re drawn to natural and magical pieces like crystals!

Crystals have been sitting on the earth for quite some time — used by different cultures as a tool to magnet one’s desires and even to protect from harmful energies.

During Samhain, crystals are mainly used for divination and protection rather than manifestation.

Colored Crystals for Samhain

Purple Crystals

Samhain is a time when the veil between other magical worlds is the thinnest, when it becomes even more possible to connect and communicate with other realms. That being said, purple crystals are best kept close during this time.

Purple crystals support practices such as divination by elevating the vibrations of its surrounding areas. When you operate at the ideal level of frequency, you become more capable of tuning in with your intuition and your Highest Self.

Purple crystals encourage you to become aware and sensitive of everything around you, particularly the energy that circulates within your aura, which is essential in practices such as divination, astral projection, tarot reading, pendulum dowsing and more.

Purple crystals you might want to consider to use in your Samhain rituals include Purple Fluorite, Rainbow Fluorite, Amethyst, Grape Agate, and Kunzite.

Black Crystals

As mentioned above, the spiritual and the physical realms are much closer this time — which means your vulnerability and sensitivity to the presence of both good and bad energies have also increased.

Whether you are into divination and spellwork, doing all necessary effort to protect your aura during this time is essential. May it be by lighting a black candle, casting a circle or a protective bubble or by keeping protective crystals on hand.

Darker crystals are known for its ability to ward off negative and harmful energies that can cause blockage in the aura. When there is blockage in your aura, you become a sponge, absorbing the energy of every person you meet and weighing down your own energy by what you have accumulated.

Protective crystals you might want to consider during this time include Obsidian, Hematite, Black Tourmaline and Onyx.

Samhain Obsidian

Pendulum Dowsing

One of the most common activities during Samhain is dowsing, which requires a pendulum or any dowsing tool.

Although some people simply prefer any weighted object with an attached string, a specific crystal pendulum can also be used to elevate the frequency of the surrounding energies, also making it possible for much clearer answers through its movement.


Mirror, flame or water scrying is also a common practice during Samhain which requires a great deal of your intuition. It is only possible to see visions and images if your aura is clear and free from energy blockages.

Both black and purple crystals can be applied in this particular practice.

On the Dinner Table

If you are the type of witch who invites one’s ancestors to the dinner table during Samhain, placing black crystals on the table is highly suggested as this protects your space from being invaded by “unwanted” guests that your ancestors might bring with them.

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