5 Ways To Celebrate Mabon This Year

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Mabon Celebrations

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Mabon. A time when the days equal the length of nights A time of balance, gratitude, and splendor.

For most people in the southern hemisphere, Mabon is a season of post-harvest โ€“ a time when people are already gathering food before winter starts. The crops are once again at its dormant state. Leaves start to fall crisp from trees, leaving marks of what has gone through warm shades of red, yellow, and brown.

Mabon is a season of change for many witches, a mark to acknowledge what has gone and hold on to what will continue nurturing you, whether it is food or spiritual guidance.

Bless Others

During this time, not everyone is as fortunate and conscious of his or her power to achieve greater abundance. Passing others what you have collected during the peak harvest season is an excellent way to celebrate Mabon.

Note that it doesnโ€™t always have to be something material, expensive or worldly. The essence here is expressing gratitude by contributing what you can to others.

Give a stray cat a lovely meal, hold a food drive to the homeless, or spend time with a person who needs your wisdom and guidance. Commit to positive change by taking a single step.

Witchcraft is all about giving back and empowering others, so keep this in mind as you enrich your path in this way this autumn.

Make a Food Altar

A food altar is a symbolic way to represent the act of gathering food before the winter starts. Fruits such as apple, grapes, and berries are known to hold powerful energies associated with the harvest, and tasty drinks and breads are a wonderful way to bring in the season.

Setting up a food altar can also be a great way to communicate with the gods and goddesses of harvest and fertility when performing Mabon magick.

Mabon Sabbat Ideas

Restore Balance

Mabon is a time when the days equal the length of nights. During this time, it is particularly important to restore balance into your spiritual and mental life.

Perhaps it is time to level up your physical activity to balance your spiritual life. Or, maybe it is time to finally implement your plans and ideas. Mabon is all about restoring balance into your life.

Declutter Your Home

Surprisingly, decluttering your home is also a great way to honor the second harvest. Clearing up your space and getting rid of items that no longer serve you can make way for more blessings to enter your space.

Getting rid of items can also be an opportunity for you to bless others and restore energetic balance into your home.

Drink Wine

During harvest season, it is not uncommon for grapes to become evidently widespread. Because of the bountiful supply of grapes in the land, grapes have become a symbol for Mabon, next to apples.

Adding wine to the feast table is a simple yet lovely gesture to remember the gods and goddesses of vine and harvest.

Mabon is a sabbat season of both abundance and scarcity. A celebration of light and darkness. A time to take action and rest. Celebrate the season with the essence in mind: balance.

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