Litha And The Bonfires Of Summer

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Litha And The Bonfires Of Summer

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Litha is a celebration that marks the peak of summer when the sun is in its fullest and nature is in its full bloom.

Traditionally, it is a ritual to celebrate harvest and abundance and is typically done during midsummer eve when everyone in the community gathers around a bonfire to show thanksgiving for the gifts of the sun.

This ritual is also believed to give protection and luck for those who celebrate it. With midsummer coming up, knowing deeply about this celebration can help you improve and raise the impact of this celebration to your daily life.

A Brief History Of Litha

The summer solstice marks the turn around of the year when the days that progress throughout the rest of the year start to get shorter exposure from the sun.

For pagans, making the time to bless the turn around period with positive affirmations is a crucial aspect in Litha as this spiritual practice is believed to manifest miracles.

Traditionally, pagans believed the power of the fire to cast off bad spirits while others focused on blessing the village with prosperity and abundance.

When the ritual is over, the ashes that have turned cold are usually gathered and kept in a pouch as a talisman for luck to sustain in the remaining days of the year.

Today, Litha is celebrated by modern pagans and witches differently, although with the same ideology. The bonfire ritual is alternatively done by incorporating candles and crystals that represent the sun. Others comfortably thank the presence of sun gods and goddesses in their meditation as well.

Litha Witchcraft

Celebrating Litha At Home

Conventional bonfires are still being practiced by modern pagans. However, if setting up a bonfire in your backyard seems impossible, you may freely set up a sacred space in your home for an intimate Litha celebration.

Setting Up Your Litha Altar

To set up your sacred space or your household altar for a Litha ritual, prepare candles and crystals in red, gold, or yellow. I

f it resonates with you, you may add objects that symbolize the sun such as sunflower or a basket of freshly harvested fruits. Alternatively, a crafty way to prepare your altar is by having your kids paint pictures or symbols that represent the sun.

Once you have set up your altar for the ritual, go ahead and light the candles. Set five positive affirmations and write it down on a piece of paper.

To allow your desires to absorb supporting energy, meditate, and recall each affirmation, visualizing white or gold light drawing in each one of them.

A Litha Feast

In pagan customs, fermented honey is considered to be a popular staple for celebrating Litha and is consumed as a special alcoholic beverage. Because Litha is a feast of harvest, this alcoholic beverage is ideally paired with fresh, homemade recipes made from garden-fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

If you havenโ€™t thought about what to prepare yet, you may want to try some of our favorite household Litha recipes which include: Lemon Pound Cake, Honey Lavender Biscotti, Garden Salad, and Herb Bread.

Litha is a celebration of light, prosperity, and abundance. It connects you with the powerful energy of the sun and restores your passion, delight, and enthusiasm for life. Litha is surely a celebration that cannot be missed!

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