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Lavender Properties

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The magical and enchanting appearance of Lavender exudes a crispy yet sweet energy. It is a perennial woody shrub that is often found in coastal areas of the Mediterranean.

The aromatic purplish-blue flowers and silvery leaves of Lavender prefer well-drained soil and plenty of sun. This evergreen plant imbues a relaxing and comforting fragrance that sends an extra loving energy to your senses.

Lavenders were used by ancient Egyptians in the mummification process and with its charming smell, it is later used as bath additives in Greece and Rome as these cultures believe that its aroma helps in purifying the body and mind. In the modern times, Lavender evokes the symbol of virtue and purity of one’s soul.

A perfect blend of male and female energies, Lavender has long been used in love spells and sachets. Rubbing a Lavender on a piece of paper is excellent for writing love notes. Its association with love stretches from Cleopatra when she used Lavender to seduce Julius Cesar.

This is also esteemed as a decorative herb during the Litha celebration. It can be given as a gift that expresses new opportunities and adventures, these herbs also conveys prosperity and protection to marriages.

Lavender gives serenity and calms the temper to further remove negative energies from the mind and body. This calming effect delivers healing and purifying in spiritual and emotional planes. Lavender, when used in rituals, can help cure sadness brought by heartbreaks and cleanses the spirit while putting your soul at ease.

Lavender’s Correspondences

Planet: Mercury
Signs: Virgo, Pisces
Energies: Masculine, Feminine
Element: Air, Water
Deities: Artemis, Hecate, Selene

Lavender Magical Correspondences

Lavender’s Magical Properties


For witches to restore their respective energies, there’s no better way than spending a restful time in their bed. Burning Lavender flowers and soaking your room with its smoke elicits deep sleep. Use its dry leaves and scatter them around your room to bring tranquility, it can also be placed below your pillow to allow its smell to send you into a good night’s sleep.


Expelling malevolent spirits is a way for every witch to protect their home and themselves. To banish negative energies, sprinkle dried flowers on the floor of your home or business. Hang Lavender sprigs outside your front door to dispel jinxes and the evil eye. For prolonged protection against ill-wishes and curses, simply place a Lavender on your altar.


Lavender has a charismatic aura that clears any energy blocks to get rid of unhealthy relationships and help you start anew. When writing a letter to your beloved, rub the lavender on that paper. Wearing colors of pink or red and patting some lavender flowers on your shirt can also invite loving energies through its enticing smell. Put lavender on a bowl and place it on your matrimonial bedside to strengthen your marriage.


For witches to find solace amidst the time of daily disturbances, Lavender is a fascinating herb that radiates soothing emotions. Purify your home by sprinkling blessed water using fresh sprigs to rid any harmful energies. Expel any impurities and stimulate your senses by indulging in a bath mixed with lavender essential oils. Burn smudge sticks as an incense to eliminate undesired energies within you.


Clarifying the mind will lead every witch to a deeper connection with higher realms. If any witch wishes to improve psychic work, use lavender when casting spells for harmony to provide clarity in your mind and soul which allows you to be more open to the spiritual world. As a magical all-rounder, placing lavender sachets on parts of your home or your bag also provides the utmost clarity to your mind to carry on everyday work without being clouded with doubts and confusion.

Lavender’s Medicinal Properties


Lavender is thought to relieve swelling when used as salves or drank as a tea.

Reduces Hair Loss

Herbalists believe that Lavender essential oils help reduce hair loss and produce vitamins that are crucial for healthy hair growth.


Lavender ointments are believed to possess antiseptic attributes that treat bruises or birth injuries to mothers.


It is believed that when used as essential oils, Lavender plant helps destroy membranes of fungal cells.

Skin Healing

Herbalists believe that Lavender is efficient in healing a variety of skin conditions such as acne, sunburns, and diaper rash.

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