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Juniper Berries Properties

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Juniper Berries have been around for quite all of the human civilization period. Its unique cone structure and needle-like leaves have earned a reputation all over the world as a protective and healing herb even back from the most historical cultures.

Its seed-bearing cones are sacred to ancient Egyptians and Greek, people from the Mediterranean use Juniper woods as conventional and medicinal incense.

Generally found in the Northern hemisphere, Juniper berries were used as flavoring agents of whiskey in Scotland in medieval times. For Romans, these berries are great medicines for all kinds of ailments.

In divination, Juniper woods are burned and their pleasant fragrance is suitable as an incense for ritual offerings during the autumn Samhain fire festival at the beginning of the Celtic year to honor the Gods and Goddesses. The smoke aids in clairvoyance and stimulates connection to the world unseen, cleansing, as well as casting out of witchcraft.

Juniper Berries is a centuries-old culinary and medicinal herbaceous plant. An intensifying force lives within the depths of this herb and it provides shielding to a baby witch against negative influences and bad magic by simply growing it in their backyard.

In magic, this herb is associated with healing, protection, and love. Juniper Berries can also be used as a part of health rituals, its lovely fragrance inhibits positive thinking and internal purification.

Juniper Berries Correspondences

Planets: Jupiter, Saturn
Signs: Sagittarius
Energies: Feminine and Masculine
Elements: Fire
Deities: Apollo, Asherah, Astarte

Juniper Berries Magical Correspondences

Juniper Berries Magical Properties


As a naturally protective herb, every part of Juniper Berries holds a vital role for every witch who desires to ensure protection in their life. In spellwork, branches and dried berries can be ground into a powder and spread across your front door. Carry a sprig of Juniper to guard you against accidents and wild animals. To use it as a protective charm, simply wear it or put it inside your pocket or display inside your car to protect yourself against evil and people who mean you harm.


Juniper Berries are excellent agents for purging negative forces from people or places. Warding off baneful spirits would mean planting a Juniper bush near your front door, this would keep evil witches away as they would have to count the needles upon each leaf before they can even take further steps towards your space. To make use of its aroma, you can inhale its essential oils while envisioning its positive energy to eliminate the dangerous and negative ones.


Juniper Berries makes a marvelous cleansing buddy since ancient times. For a witch, purification with Juniper would need her to burn a bunch of leaves as a smoke cleansing bundle. Making besoms or magical brooms and placing it beside your altar adds a purifying effect to your home as a magical tool.


To attract positive healing energy, make incense from dried Juniper, and let its smoke invade your space. Putting small bunches of sprigs and berries inside a pouch can also guarantee a long-term spiritual and emotional healing when hung outside your house. Juniper are also fantastic herbs best for deeper meditations and ritual works that highlight healing for you and the people around you.


Juniper Berries are male interest and potency enhancers. You can take a daily dose of Juniper tea before meals to stimulate male virility. To attract suitors, soaking in a bath with Juniper essential oils can help your skin revitalize and become glowing while enhancing your aura. Making amulets or charms from dried berries can also attract love to come your way.

Juniper Berries Medicinal Properties


It is believed by herbalists that Juniper Berries have antioxidant properties that lessen the damaging effects of free radicals.

Prevents Gout

Juniper Berries is thought to reduce blood sugar spikes and eliminate uric acid to relieve and prevent gout.


The neuroprotective properties of Juniper Berries are believed to provide heightened protection to the brain and the nervous system.

Relieves Muscle Aches

Juniper Berries is thought to release soothing sensations that ease joint and muscle pain.


Herbalists believe that using essential oils of Juniper Berries can help relieve poor sleeping quality that may affect your day to day energy.

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