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Irish Moss Properties

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Irish Moss has fan-shaped fronds that vary in color from green, red or brownish that turn purple when dried and is naturally found spreading in Ireland or off the coast of France.

Other common names of Irish Moss are Carrageenan or Pearl Moss. It usually prefers shoreline and found sticking to submerged or intertidal rocks.

The consumption of Irish Moss as food has been linked to its historical background as a famine food for Irish natives of lands along the North Atlantic coastline during the potato famine of the 19th century. Through the years, Irish locals gathered this seaweed and sustained them through the great famine and became a staple food in their culture.

The coming of Irish immigrants in the USA paved a way to the rampant use of Irish moss as daily consumption.

Irish Moss is also a popular witchcraft element that magnifies good fortune in all sorts of money matters and amplifies luck in risk-taking and gambling.

In folklore, it can also help in grounding and is described as a seaweed that entangles witches and breaks their curses.

Irish Moss is an ingredient in traditional Celtic charms for money, luck, and protection. It is commonly carried during times of trouble and gives you a steady flow of abundance, prosperity, and spiritual growth.

Irish Moss’ Correspondences

Planet: Moon
Signs: Pisces, Cancer
Energy: Feminine
Element: Water
Deities: Aphrodite, Luna, Selene

Irish Moss’ Magical Properties


There are instances when luck appears to leave our sight, so itโ€™s only wise to ask for help from a slice of nature. Keeping a packet of Irish Moss in your wallet would add a bar of luck to every witch who desires to win in a lottery or gambling. You can also make blessed water out of Irish Moss by soaking it in the water and sprinkling it around the house or the place where you usually stay.


To attract money on your doorstep, sprinkle a pinch of Irish Moss on the floor of your house, or roll a prosperity candle coated with money drawing oil in an Irish Moss. To every witch who prefers a bizarre way to attract money, place Irish Moss, Cedar, and other essential herbs in jars and mix water and whiskey. It is recommended to place it on an altar or a spot that holds a special place to your heart.


To any witch who is always on the go, the shielding effect of Irish Moss can be used by tossing a sachet of the dried herb into your luggage, this will ensure your safe return from any journey. Keeping your home safe and sound would need you to place dried Irish Moss under your doormats or can also be inserted under your pillow to keep ill-wishes away from you.


Irish Moss is an exceptional ingredient in spell works that strengthens the presence of prosperity in a modern witchโ€™s home or business. To keep prosperity coming to you, burn a mixture of Irish Moss and Chamomile on charcoal and sprinkle the ashes around your home. Insert Irish Moss underneath your carpet to serve as a pathway to a prosperous life ahead.

Irish Moss’ Medicinal Properties

Treats Urinary Infections

Irish Moss is thought to reduce inflammation of the urinary tract system and all kinds of urinary tract disorders including cystitis.

Moisturizes Skin

It is believed by herbalists that Irish Moss has properties that heal and moisturize the skin and aids in keeping the skin smooth, supple, and hydrated.

Hair Growth

Irish Moss is thought to soothe the scalp and fortify the hair fibers. It conditions and strengthens the hair to keep it soft and shiny.

Heals Ulcers

It is believed that raw Irish Moss acts as an anticoagulant and is also utilized as a mild laxative that relieves the entire gastrointestinal tracts

Relieves Pulmonary Problems

Herbalists believe that when made into a jelly, Irish Moss reduces pulmonary complaints and alleviates symptoms of flu.

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