How to Wire Wrap Crystals

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How To Wire Wrap Crystals

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There are dozens of ways you can bring your crystals along with you. In your pocket, in your bag, or even in your undergarments.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of disadvantages of simply keeping them loose. You may lose your crystals, misplace them or even forget you brought them at all — risking them to be tarnished by the washing machine, of course, unless you check your pockets before throwing them to your laundry pile.

Wire wrapping your crystals is a great way to bring your crystals along your day without having to worry about accidentally throwing them to the dryer or losing them.

Picking Crystals to Wire Wrap

You may wrap just about any crystal you wish to use. A great way to start with is by picking a crystal you are primarily attached to. This can be a birthstone or a general crystal you use for daily meditations and tarot readings.

It can be helpful to choose crystals that are common as you begin, since wire wrapping takes practice. 

Choose ones like labradorite, smoky quartz, bloodstone or tiger’s eye to get started.

Gathering your Materials

To make your wire-wrapped crystal, you will need some copper or aluminum wire, a plier and a gemstone to wrap.

When buying a wire, note that the lower the number, the thicker the wire. For this project, the ideal wire to use is 24-gauge wire, an easy to bend half hard wire. If your crystal is heavy, you may also opt for a 20-gauge wire which is less susceptible to damage.

However, take note that a 20-gauge wire might need some hands with a bit of experience as this can be quite harder to bend.

Materials you need:

  • 5 inches approx. 24 or 20 gauge copper wire
  • 1 Round nose pliers
  • 1 crystal of your choice
  • 1 necklace chain of your choice

If you’re a bit adventurous, you may also use this project to make a seashell pendant or spell jar jewelry instead of a crystal.

Wrap Crystals With Wire

Wrapping Process

Prepare your materials on a clear table and start by measuring your gemstone. If your crystal is about an inch big, 5 inches of wire would be ideal.

Adjust the size if you have a heavier and/or larger crystal. Once you have measured your materials, cut two pieces of wire and place your thumb and index finger in the area where you wish to intersect the wires.

Use the thumb and index finger to intertwine and twist the wire to make one side. It doesn’t have to be perfectly even but you may practice on a sample wire for better results.

Now, place the twisted part of the wire on a slightly flat surface of your crystal. Wrap the untwisted wire around the crystal and follow the shape of the crystal.

Twist the other end of the wire to keep the crystal in place. To secure the stone, twist the ends of the wire and join these ends by making another twist. By this time, you should have one unified twisted wire.

To finish, make a loop by using a plier and wrap the remaining wire around the base of that wire, making an appearance similar to a gathering knot.

Wire wrapping your crystals can help you keep them around longer, but it also helps in making stone and crystal pendulums as well as homemade runes for rune casting.

Enjoy the process! 

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