How To Use Crystal Grids

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How To Use Crystal Grids

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Crystal grids are energy generators composed of multiple crystals. It is used during manifestation rituals and crafted based on the particular goal in mind.

Crystals hold specific vibrations that can be utilized in one’s life through strategic spiritual practices, and crystal grids are one of the best ways to utilize crystals as it amplifies your power to manifest.

With the help of supporting crystals and a generator crystal to specify your main intention, it will be easier to attract your desires and goals in life, may it be happiness, protection, joy, abundance, or love.

How to Create a Crystal Grid

A basic crystal grid is composed of the following: a generator, an activator, supporting crystals, and a surface with a visible or invisible grid.

To choose the crystals you must first recognize your main intention and ground and center yourself. Once you have thought of an affirmation, go ahead and choose a resonating crystal and use that as your generator.

Preferably, generators should be a flat bottomed obelisk or a quartz crystal, but you may use whatever is accessible. An activator, on the other hand, is a crystal used to link the crystals’ energies and merge it into one powerful vibration. This can be a one or two-terminated quartz crystal.

Supporting crystals can be anything with energies that compliment your main intention. For instance, if you are doing a spell work focused on attracting creativity, you may use amethyst to support your red jasper generator to enable your intuition to work with your creative energies.

Crystal Grid WitchcraftCleansing your Space

Cleansing your space and crystals is essential to steer clear of any negative energies that can block your affirmations from being manifested. This also applies to crystals, candles, and herbs that you wish to incorporate into your crystal grid.

To cleanse your space, light a smoke wand or an incense stick and let the smoke perpetuate around the area.

Adding an intention while the energies are being cleared can also aid in protecting your space, your crystals, and your inner thoughts from doubts or self-limiting beliefs that can affect the effectiveness of your crystal grid practice.

Creating a Crystal Grid

Once you have cleansed your crystals, start preparing your crystals on a plain-clothed surface.

Write down your intention on a piece of paper and place it in the center of your workspace. You can skip this step, but setting the intention at the beginning of the practice is a powerful gesture that you should highly consider doing.

Next, place your flat-bottomed obelisk or generator in the center, followed by your supporting crystals, working your way out until you make a pattern. The pattern can be a free-form or a pattern based on a sacred geometry shape that you are comfortable working with.

Crystal grids can be left in your sacred space until your desires have manifested or can be reassembled every time you wish to meditate on your specific desire or intention.

Alternatively, you may use grids to decorate and protect your home from negative energy simultaneously.

There are no specific ‘rules’ in making your crystal grid. Along with your knowledge of the basic guidelines, it is important to remember that your intuition still plays a large part in crafting your crystal grids.

Most importantly, just be creative and have fun!

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