How to Make Money Spells Work

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Money Spells Witchcraft

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Money and abundance spells are among the hardest spells to accomplish. This is because we are often surrounded by negative influences that cloud our mind from attaining that goal. These influences include bills, debts, and other money issues.

If you try to look at it when money comes as an issue, it takes over your thoughts and your attempt to manifest abundance into your life. It becomes an energy blockage that creates a barrier to your path to abundance.

Let Go of Self-Limiting Beliefs

The rule in making money magic work is by letting go of unsettling thoughts, self-limiting beliefs, and past experiences. Contradicting energy can withhold what you desire from coming into your life.

The first step in letting the money into your life is by letting go of what is taking up space within. Trust that you are capable of receiving such an amount. Know that you are worthy of abundance.

Know Your True Purpose

Money in any amount is just a number unless you identify its value. When you receive your money, what do you wish to do with it?

Is your intention positive or does it interfere with others’ freedom of choice? The money you want has to align with your purpose or it does not mean anything.

Build a Spiritual Routine

A spiritual routine can be as simple as a daily meditation dedicated to your money spell. It can be a series of mantras, a candle meditation, or the simple use of a pendulum or rune casting practice.

Make Money Magic

Take Action

Money spells work better when you work with it. Spells do not come on its own will – it comes with yours. Technically, if you have already let go of self-limiting beliefs, recognized your intent, and built a spiritual routine, your physical body will just flow with it.

But to make money come, you must do everything you can control and leave what you can’t to the spell you cast.

Tools for Money Spells

Advance into your spell by incorporating other magical tools such as herbs and crystals. Crystals have a powerful energy that can support your money spell and dispel contradicting energy that can hinder you from reaching your goal.

Some crystals for money include:



Green Jade

Green Aventurine

Tiger’s Eye


Herbs, on the other hand, are natural elements that can also give supportive and protective energy to your aura.

Some Herbs for money Include:






Money spells do not work for people who do not trust their capability to receive such abundance.

Before you start casting a money spell, know your true purpose, clear out everything that may be preventing you to attain it, build a spiritual routine around it, and take action.

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