How to Make a Wand for Witchcraft

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Make A Wand For Witchcraft

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A wand in witchcraft is a magical tool used in divination to focus and direct an intention to the external world. It serves as an extension of the user’s body – an object with natural, powerful energy aimed to push a desire to existence.

Finding Wood for Your Wand

Find a pile of wood in your backyard or go hiking for some driftwood – your choice. But keep this in mind: make sure it resonates with your energy. Just like choosing a crystal, finding the perfect wood for your wand takes a moment of connection.

Some witches, beginners and seasoned alike,  prefer going to “their tree”, a tree where they spend an ample amount of time with and breaking a tiny branch in exchange for a little offering.

Ask for blessing and permission before you take anything from nature. The offering can be as simple as a generous amount of fertilizer, honey, or other objects that can benefit the tree’s health and safety.

Below is a list of common wood types with their particular correspondences:

Alder Wands

Wands made from alder wood carry energies of protection, motivation, and action. Alder is known to be the tree where the first man sprung to life, making it a wood type suitable for carving desires, ideas, and intention into existence.

Birch Wands

Adaptability, inspiration, and fearlessness are Birch tree’s most resonant energies. It is also fast-growing, making it a sustainable tree to take wood for magical purposes. The birch tree is also associated with fertility and rebirth.

Cedar Wands

Cedar is among the oldest tree species on earth which are believed to hold wisdom and mystery older than our early ancestors. A wand made of cedar can cultivate energies of wisdom, longevity, and protection.

Mahogany Wands

Mahogany is a prized wood for its luscious, reddish-brown color. It has energies inspired by the earth and fire elements, making it an ideal wood for people seeking for strength, endurance, and motivation.

Oak Wands

Oak is regarded to be one of the sacred trees prized by our pagan ancestors. It is a tree associated with authority, leadership, focus, and wisdom.

A wand made of oak may also imbue intuitive skills that are necessary for certain witchcraft practices such as divination and spellwork.

Magic Wand For Witches

Crafting Your Wand with Magical Materials

Prepare your wand by smoothening rough surfaces with sandpaper. If there is any, you may also want to cut out the bark from your wand wood with a clean knife. Once your stick is set for decorating, you are ready to add more magical materials to your wand.

Metal Wire

Choosing a metal for your wand handle is much like choosing the wood. But if you have good quality metal on hand, you might as well use them. If you still have to get them, visit your local hardware store for copper, brass, and steel wire supplies.

Always opt for the thinner wires as they are easier to bend around the wood and crystal.


The great thing about metals is being able to add other magical decorations like crystals. To add crystals to your wand, wrap it around with your wire and add a few touches of super glue to secure the placement of your crystal.

Getting a crystal with a drilled center is also a good option, as it makes it easier to insert the wire without needing the help of the glue.

Making your own wand can be a fun way to stimulate your creativity and intensify your connection with nature and to celebrate with sabbat rituals. Aside from metals and crystals, you can also add beautiful additions with other natural materials such as dried flowers, herbs, and cotton rope knots.

As soon as you finish your wand, take a few moments to connect with your wand by holding it between your palms and asking about the energy it holds. The energetic change in your aura will be your wand’s response.

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