How to Break Spells

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How To Break Spells

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Breaking spells and curses may sound like out of your league especially if you’re just beginning the practice. However, breaking spells is just like any other magic.

Types of Negative Spells and Curses

Even more, it is important to know the spell breaking as it is a form of protection from any kind of spells casted by another witch or by somebody you’ve had a bad history with.

Evil Eye

The evil eye is probably one of the most indirect forms of being cursed or attacked by a negative spell. Often, it’s hard to be aware that you’re being cursed by an evil ‘stare’. People can even mask it with a smile, a handshake or a hug, or openly use it as a harmful magic symbol to add permanence to the working.

The evil eye is a method of cursing that stems from envy or jealousy and it is not uncommon for people to curse you without meaning to.

Daily Curses

Daily curses are forms of negative spells that come from the mouths of strangers or people you casually see in your daily routine — some of them you meet in traffic, at the elevator or even at work. These are people who are almost often already in a bad mood or operating at a low frequency who are bound to pass their negative energy onto everyone they meet.

Some people may verbally curse you by “swearing” or “cussing” but some people prefer to do it in a discreet way, by spitting on your food after a bad encounter or by simply wishing you bad luck in secret.


Objects can absorb spells, curses and energy — mostly from its previous owner. It is also possible for items to be cursed by someone in the previous owner’s circle of influence.

For instance, a woman who envied her step-sister might have cursed an item that she previously possessed or anything that she comes in direct contact with, like a piece of jewelry or a door knob.

Unintentional curses are also possible with second hand items, particularly when these items are previously owned by someone who experienced trauma in the past.

Second-hand items are not to be afraid of but purchasing an object from the thrift store or the antique shop should be done with caution.

Always be in tune with your intuition — if the item’s energy isn’t right, leave it. But if you do come across an item you like at the thrift store, make sure to cleanse out all the energies attached to it before using it.

Breaking A Spell In Witchcraft

Breaking Magical Spells

You can’t assume everyone who stares at you is giving you an evil eye or having spit on your meal. If you feel like you’ve been cursed, it’s best to evaluate the situation first.

“Were you really cursed, or are you experiencing the consequences of your bad decisions?”

Ask yourself before ‘breaking’ any spell because your effort may become useless — as consequences and karmic situations are irreversible.

Return to Sender

One of the most common ways to break a spell is by reflecting the spell.

To reflect a spell or return a spell back to its sender, prepare a mirror, a candle working, crushed bay leaves, juniper berries and any anointing oil of choice.

Anoint your candle and roll your candle with the herbs.

Begin the ritual by lighting the candle and placing it in front of the mirror while chanting the curse breaking spell:

“Spell, spell, be gone!

Back to which ye belong.

Back to the caster

Take your disaster.”

Let the candle burn itself out and take the ashes and the rest of the remains away from your house.

For object bound curses, cleanse any second hand items recently bought from the thrift or antique shop by cleaning the item or running the tap over it with the intention to clear the item of attached energies.

Burn sage or use an incense stick and let the smoke run pass onto the surface of the item.

Cleanse your Space

After performing the spell, cleanse your space by using an incense stick, smoke wand, or by surrounding the corners of your home with selenite sticks. Other cleansing methods are accepted.

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