How Do You Make A Magic Candle?

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How To make A Magic Candle

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Candles are the best tools to incorporate into your practice especially if you’ve just started getting into magic and witchcraft. Although there are many ways to manifest an intention, candle magic is unique for its common association with the element of fire – the element greatly connected with transformation.

Candles are tools of transformation for a reason: solid is converted into liquid when the light melts the candle wax and fire is transformed into gas when the light is put off.

In the same way, your intention absorbed by the candlelight releases itself from the tangible realm to the ethereal winds.

Choose a Color

If you’re just starting, white might be a color that you may want to work with. As it is associated with all the chakras, white candles support all types of intention – love, abundance, success, insight, protection. White candles are also great if you prefer keeping one candle at your altar for the whole of your craft.

On the other hand, choosing a specific color is a bright choice if you choose to elevate the impact of your intention. To help you begin, below are some of the meanings under each color.

White Candles: invites clarity and peace of mind

Black Candles: protects the aura and clears mental blockages

Yellow Candles: introduces new opportunities and positivity

Green Candles: invites creativity and peace

Red Candles: induces passion, love, and romance

Blue Candles: develops insight and understanding

Purple Candles: connects you with your intuition and the Divine source

Be specific

What are you trying to manifest in your life? What do you truly need right now? Being specific in your intention makes it easier for the universe to understand what you really want. Only then will you get what you desire.

Seal your intention

Believing your desire has already manifested itself is the first step in making it happen. Be firm that you already have everything that you want and need and it will simply show itself.

Affirming your manifestation can be done by visualization or by carving a sigil in your candle. Alternatively, you may dress your candle with herbs that correspond to your desire.

There are no rules, so feel free to be creative with this step!

Candle Magic In Witchcraft


Now it’s time to light your candle. Once your candle is lit, allow your thoughts to focus on your intention. Visualize yourself in the outcome, in the end-goal. Let the energy of your intention enter your sphere – and then let it go.

Let go

Once you have sealed your intention and visualized yourself in it, learn to let it flow and let it go.

Sometimes, when you are overly-focused on attaining your goal, you unconsciously drive them away.

However, that doesn’t mean you are not accountable for your actions. Rather than looking directly at your goal and forcing it to happen quickly, focus on your next step instead.

Most importantly, always remember to trust the path that you are on, no matter how rough, steep, or smooth.

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