Herbs For Psychic Ability

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Herbs For Psychic Ability

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Psycho-active plants have been prized for their ability to take you into a different realm and heighten your psychic awareness. These herbs for psychic abilities are often ingested by shamans to connect to the plant’s spirit and eventually absorb vivid visions and insights.

With all the confusion and distractions brought by the busy outer world, people find it hard and tricky to practice their natural psychic abilities. The use of psychic herbs as a special element of magic instantly shifts one’s focus from these perplexities and assists in turning on the psychic powers to receive a clearer interpretation of any divine messages sent from the “inner world”.

Psychic herbs are, of course, great at enhancing your psychic skills by calming and purifying the energy within your body. These herbs aid in awakening the Third Eye or the sixth sense to bind a deeper link and communication between you and the spiritual world.

A promising ability of psychic herbs gives the adventurer a successful subconscious travel experience. As they intensify the bond between the physical and the spiritual world, psychic herbs call upon various divinities to bestow their powers and awaken a person’s psychic senses to improve deciphering spiritual messages and grow spiritually.

How To Use Herbs For Psychic Abilities

Psychic herbs give a boosting effect on one’s mental awareness. Just a breath of these fresh herbs stimulates psychic gifts and alters a person’s mental state that fosters strong clairvoyance.

Aromatic satchels are kept close at hand in a dream pillow or a bowl to inhale its fragrance and experience its excellent effect in guiding the mind while awake or asleep. Essential oils are also applied to the body especially to the wrists and temples before seeking spiritual connections through rituals or meditation sessions.

Burning oil lamps, incense cones, and dressed spell candles also produce the enticing aroma of psychic herbs that can help set your mind during divination practices or tarot card reading.

Consuming herbal tea and steeping herbs in hot water and mixing it with your bathwater will spur your spiritual perceptions as well as your scent and taste sensations. Anoint your spell candles by coating it with some oil and herbs or sprinkle your altar with an herbal tea.

The list goes on and on with the use of herbs to improve one’s psychic abilities. Every method adds more channels to decipher different psychic messages and opens an array of pathways to communicate with the higher spiritual worlds.

Our Favorite Herbs For Psychic Abilities

Star Anise Herbs For Psychic Ability

Star Anise

A Moon herb, Star Anise is ideal for New Moon work. It is often carried for luck and burned to increase psychic abilities. Placed under the pillow, this allows you to dream of someone far away and keeps away nightmares. Its aromatic nature helps in relaxing and soothing the mind.

Jasmine Herbs For Psychic Ability


Regarded as one of the most mystical flowers, Jasmine’s energy is used in love-drawing magic and is great for attracting a spiritual pure love. Its feminine nature is perfect for anointing feminine magical tools. As an ancient flower, Jasmine gifts people with deep love and a clearer vision of tomorrow.

Sandalwood Herbs For Psychic Ability


Sandalwood has cooling and relaxing effects that focus one’s attention to the spiritual realms. Carved into prayer beads and ground into a powder, Sandalwood is used for anointing the forehead and placed on funeral pyres. Its loving scent is believed to be the most pleasing fragrance to the gods.

Lemongrass Herbs For Psychic Ability


Lemongrass has a deep cleansing ability that purifies the physical, emotional, and spiritual plane. It helps in solving misunderstandings between families and eradicates every barrier that stops you from achieving your goals. Lemongrass promotes openness, transforms negative energies into positive ones, and sheds light on dark moments of one’s life.

Blue Lotus Herbs For Psychic Ability

Blue Lotus

Providing a mild sense of serenity and euphoria, Blue Lotus enhances the mood and calms one’s senses. It is perfect for meditation practices and evokes a blissful energy. Blue Lotus speaks of peace and is prized as a bearer of light because of its association with the sun god Ra.

Celery Seed Herbs For Psychic Ability

Celery Seed

Celery Seed is known for its reputation in Conjure work and enhances psychic powers. It grants prophetic dreams and protects your soul during sleep. Celery Seed is brewed and crushed to drink as a tea before performing spiritual rituals. This is also a popular additive in cooking as a flavoring.

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