Herbs For Protection

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Herbs For Protection

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For thousands of years, flowers and herbs have been the most remarkable embodiments of decoration and an intensified protection. One of the greatest qualities of herbs for protection is their capacity to be preventives as they carry with them a defensive trait to guard the bearer against various physical and metaphysical attacks.

Protective herbs envelop your possessions, home, and self with a force-filled bubble of defense. They enhance the effectiveness of your body’s innate resistance while protecting your sacred inner power. These naturally protective herbs imbue powerful driving energies that efficiently eradicate negative forces.

These powerful herbs save witches against accidents, injuries, the evil eye, and wicked spirits that can cast harmful spells on them. As compelling magical protectants, protection herbs form a protective circle for you and your family while establishing your boundaries to avoid further baneful elements from putting you in dangerous or uncomfortable situations.

Protective herbs serve as psychic guards that turn away detrimental forces that may enter one’s territory. Even though protective herbs don’t promise you a hundred percent trouble-free and perfect life, securing any parts of these herbs will ease your mind by blocking potentially harmful thoughts that may threaten your everyday safety and security.

How To Use Herbs For Protection

Protective herbs encompass a broad scope when it comes to its uses. In today’s time and age, protective herbs are still the go-to for many people to seek guidance and defense in any possible way there is.

Many cultures add them to their bathwater to safeguard the mind and body. Sprinkled on the perimeter of the house to enclose it in a potent protective circle. Protective herbs are tied in bunches at windows and doors of homes and churches to avert the evil eye and fights life-threatening diseases.

When buried at the four corners of your property or placed in cars, wallets, made and worn as an amulet, protective herbs offer heightened health protection.

Essential oils and other cosmetic products made from protective herbs also offer protection and even helps rejuvenate the skin’s overall health.

In any season, altars are always filled with herbs not solely for decorations, but to also release its protective abilities. Planted in home gardens, used as charms, incenses, and talisman, protective herbs are always readily available.

Protective herbs are nature’s ever-present gift to its people. Its enticing presence is one’s constant savior from fires of secrecy, deceit, and hypocrisy that may come from wicked souls.

Our Favorite Herbs For Protection

Rosemary Herbs For Protection


Rosemary is an herb that is strongly associated with the Virgin Mary. It is added in dream pillows for protection during sleep and to also prevent nightmares. Rosemary possesses a feminine, mother-like protective power that dispels evil spirits and wards away negative energies and people from crossing your divine space.

St. John's Wort Herbs For Protection

St. John’s Wort

St. John’s Wort is commonly placed over religious icons as a symbol of protection. Hanging St. John’s Wort outside the front door to protect people against thunderbolts is a practice known for several centuries. St. John’s Wort provides intense overall protection in spiritual, emotional, and physical areas of one’s life.

Mugwort Herbs For Protection


Mugwort is also known as a psychic or Lunar herb that is strongly protective and may be incorporated into protective spells and charms. Gathering Mugwort sprigs on St. John’s Eve gives protection throughout the year against poisons and injuries. Mugwort wreaths also avoid accidents and are effective evil repellants.

Caraway Herbs For Protection


Caraway is typically used in spells and is highly protective against ill-health especially to babies. It shields people from harmful spiritual or material sources and also protects one’s possessions against theft. Caraway tea removes the spiritual causes of ailments and clears bad entities or general negativity in a certain place.

Allspice Herbs For Protection


With a pebble-like shape and exterior, Allspice is designed to be one of the most popular protective herbs. It has been commonly used in witch magic not only to protect but to also ease mental tension and anxiety to find the serenity and comfort a person needs every single day.

Basil Herbs For Protection


Basil is a magical herb that is tender, sweet, and a powerful ally that gives emotional, spiritual, and physical support to anyone who has it by their side. Basil can easily be planted and grown, seals your circle with a little extra protection to save your soul from future struggles.

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