Herbs For Good Luck

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Herbs For Good Luck

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Certain plants, like any other lucky charms, are considered special for their capacity to attract happiness and wealth. Wherever they grow, they never fail to radiate a positive flow of energy that brings luck and prosperity.

The use of various herbs for good luck to focus energy on and bring good luck in complex areas of life has been recognized by many cultures throughout time. These lucky herbs are even given traditionally as a gift during New Year celebrations as a sign of good fortune for the coming year.

These herbs also aid in shaping one’s thoughts, energy level, and mindset to bring extra luck and abundance through brand new opportunities in career or relationships.

Every lucky herb carries potent energy and has many different metaphysical and healing properties. They put you in the right place and at the right time and encourage you to say the right things and act according to your instinct.

Good luck herbs act as a medium to materialize one’s desires and wishes by aligning a person’s energy with the universe’s. These herbs have an amusing ability to create a series of lucky life circumstances to those near them which, in return, improves a person’s living condition.

How To Use Herbs For Good Luck

Piece by piece, lucky herbs are charged with a positive energy and are brimming with magical uses. It is always a fabulous idea to hold on to these incredible herbs to attract the luck you need in your life.

Plant a lucky herb in your home garden or place a pot with lucky herbs in different areas of your home especially in the front door. Place dried lucky herbs beneath your carpets or rugs to welcome the warm spirit of luck. Decorate your house or simply hang any lucky herb in your home to bless your day with luck.

For your home altar, placing a vase packed with lucky herbs will ensure success in the present and future investments. Spring dried lucky herbs near your desk or tie them in a drawstring bag with some pennies to draw luck to your business or money matters.

Before going to court, luck herbs are typically placed in shoes and worn as amulets or accessories to ensure luck in winning against an opponent. The use of essential oils to rub the wrists and including lucky herbs in your daily herbal cosmetic recipes to rejuvenate your skin’s health will also help you magnify luck.

Our Favorite Herbs For Good Luck

Juniper Berry Herbs For Good Luck

Juniper Berries

Juniper Berry stimulates clarity of mind by calming repetitive thoughts for increased visions and better spirit communication with other realms during meditation and divination works. Remarkably efficient for love spells, Juniper Berry also intensifies strength and virility. This herb attracts brand new romantic relationships and strengthens marriage by maintaining fidelity.

Pine Herbs For Good Luck


The beauty of Pine helps in purifying the home and removing negative energy. It mysteriously reverses curses and breaks spells and hexes. Pine is a great healing herb that keeps illnesses away and maintains joy and harmonious relationships within the home. Its enticing aroma heightens one’s physical and magical energy.

Comfrey Herbs For Good Luck


Comfrey is often used for workings that involve endurance, stability, and matters related to properties or investments. It also carries a protective energy that defends people against accidents, theft, and psychic attacks. Comfrey is wonderful for divination and ensures safety during travels and facilitates physical as well as emotional healing.

Mistletoe Herbs For Good Luck


Also known as Golden Bough, Mistletoe is an all-heal and protective herb that shields places against sorcery and lightning strikes. Mistletoe increases luck in businesses and love. Lauded as the most sacred of herbs, Mistletoe holds a rich and long history and is commonly associated with Yule and Christmas season.

Clover Herbs For Good Luck


Clover allows a person to detect the presence of spirits and also protects against madness. It increases one’s chances of meeting a new love and is powerful in leading a person to more money and treasures. Clover shelters and heals the heart from heartbreaks and attracts success in all undertakings.

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