Herbs For Banishing

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Herbs For Banishing

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The assistance of herbs for banishing in driving away evil entities and harmful spirits has been lauded even during the ancient times. Lore after lore has been painstakingly recorded in history on how banishing herbs expertly dispels negativity from various places.

Banishing herbs have been efficient instruments that work hand in hand with witches to eliminate a person who causes problems in someone’s life, expel an unwanted spirit or heavy energy, and is even utilized to keep you away from circumstances that put your life at risk.

Having banishing herbs allows a person to have the power to purify his life by removing and clearing things that do not serve them anymore. This kind of herb gifts people with the power of having full control of their life.

Utilized in the form of incense, wreaths, amulets, and candles or besoms displayed near home altars or in a house’s entrance, banishing herbs marvelously stop psychic attacks and dismiss all kinds of curses and supernatural dangers.

Throughout history, banishing herbs have long been mentioned as evil-fighting herbs that thoroughly banishes bad luck, violence and imbues a safety magic of eliminating vicious people and malicious incidents to bring you an authentic life and security.

How To Use Herbs For Banishing

Banishing herbs are strong repellents of harmful spirits that may hinder an individual’s career improvements. Like any other magical herb, they also have a wide array of uses to foster protection and shielding in a person’s daily exploits.

Utilize your banishing herbs by wearing or carrying them as a protective amulet, wreaths can be hung above the front door or windows to defend your property. During scrying, burn a sage smudge wand to banish negative thoughts and calm your mind and emotions.

An infusion sprinkled around the house or on your possessions also banishes evil spirits and other demonic entities from gaining access or staying in your homestead.

Fill a red mojo bag with dried banishing herbs and hang above your bed and anoint it with three drops of any essential oil. Create a garden filled with herbs that carry a mystical ability that dispels misfortunes and enemies.

For a banishing spell to get rid of an obnoxious person, brew a good combination of banishing herbs and sprinkle it upon all items of clothing belonging to that person. Banishing baths, oils, or rituals can also be performed or incorporated in your daily life to intensify everyday defense from harmful spirits.

Our Favorite Herbs For Banishing

Angelica Herbs For Banishing


Angelica is widely used in protection and exorcism incenses, while smoking its leaves heightens clairvoyance. It fully banishes evil, removes hexes and curses, and reverses spells other witches cast against you. Angelica is also considered a healing herb that envelopes your life with a sense of peace, calmness, and love.

Elderberry Herbs For Banishing


Elderberry grants protection of the Fae, it breaks curses, spells and also offers renewal and rebirth. An herb that increases intuition, Elderberry makes an ideal addition to many journeying works that involve other realms. Above all that, Elderberry heals the body and keeps the immune system in its best shape.

Nettle Herbs For Banishing


Nettle is an herb remarkable for its ability to draw money and prosperity, its stinging characteristic screams a powerful protective bubble bestowed to the possessions of anyone that has this plant with them. When carried or worn, Nettle shields people from sorcery and defends their property from lightning or thieves.

Cayenne Herbs For Banishing


Cayenne’s spicy nature provokes arguments and break-ups. The fiery taste of Cayenne is used in spells to cause misfortune or bad luck to a person’s life. This herb’s way to “spice things up” is by driving hated people away from you and is added to separation and jinxing spells.

Garlic Herbs For Banishing


Garlic has long been recognized as an herb that drives away evil entities. Aside from that, this herb also absorbs diseases and repels thieves from entering the house to protect your possessions. Garlic magically dissolves negativity and replaces it with positive energy and also has a very potent healing energy.

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