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Hematite Crystal

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Though you wouldn’t think so by looking at it, hematite means “bloodstone”. It is through this association with blood and the being that hematite works its magic.

The origin of the name comes from the fact that the iron content in hematite gives it a rusty red color when mined. This deep, alluring red can also be seen when hematite is cut into thin slices or when it is ground and mixed with water.

Hematite was an extremely popular pigment in ancient times because of its beautiful hue.

Before anything else, hematite is a grounding stone. It takes what you show on the outside and what is true on the inside and brings them into balance. Much like us, hematite may appear a hard stone but it is quite fragile and needs to be taken care of.

As a stone associated with the God of War, hematite gives a feeling of invincibility. It makes you feel whole. It gives you the courage to do anything your heart desires.

There is an inherent duality to hematite like what you might find in yourself. It is a hard stone of the earth and yet a fiery stone of the soul. It grounds you and then pushes you to be unapologetically bold.

Hematite palm stones are an exceptional tool to use in your everyday life to keep your feet from leaving the ground. Their even surface ensures you receive every ounce of energy the stone can give you.

If you’re ready and willing to heal from the past, hematite is here to help you.

Hematite Correspondences

Ruling Planets: Mars, Saturn
Astrological Signs: Aries, Aquarius
Elements: Earth, Fire
Energy: Both
Deities: Aries

Hematite Properties

First and foremost, hematite is a grounding stone.

As a strong earth stone, hematite brings your energy closer to the earth. It enhances your focus in your everyday life. That concentration is crucial for times when you feel like things are spinning out of control.

Hematite brings balance to your being.

Like yin and yang, these stones will marry the two halves of your energy into one. You can be both tough and soft. You don’t have to push one side of yourself down for the other. Hematite will help you balance your being, providing stability for you to build upon.

Hematite gives you controlled confidence and courage. It isn’t confrontational, but well-spoken and firm.

If you find yourself struggling for solutions, whether logically or creatively, hematite can help you clear the air. And, just like any dark stone, it will clarify your emotions by dispelling negative energy that may be lingering around you.

Hematite Properties

How To Cleanse Hematite

Though it is an earth stone, hematite is soft and demands a certain level of care.

Do not put your hematite stones in water or it will get damaged.

The best way to cleanse hematite is to place it among self-cleansing stones like selenite, citrine, or clear quartz. These stones will remove any unwanted energy from the stone and dispel it completely.

Hematite can be cleansed by passing it through sage smoke.

You may also cleanse hematite by leaving it beneath the sun or the moon, depending on your preference. Just make sure it is clear and dry outside so it doesn’t come into contact with water.

How To Charge Hematite

Charging hematite with positive energy can be done by simply leaving it out in the sunlight or under the moon.

You can also charge it by leaving it with the same crystals used to cleanse it, such as selenite or citrine.

It’s not really necessary to charge hematite with intent. By nature, hematite is a powerful grounding stone that evens and balances your energy. Once it’s been cleansed and renewed of positive energy, it’s ready to be used for meditation.

How To Use Hematite

Hold a hematite palmstone while you meditate to connect your energy to the earth and ground you. Let it balance you out and give you the ability to concentrate on yourself.

Wear hematite to work or into debates for a boost of calm confidence that will help you articulate your ideas without fail.

Keep hematite close by at work to surround yourself in positivity. People will see you as reliable. Your problem-solving skills will be on point. And it could help you in making gains financially.

Use hematite in your rituals to represent the element of earth and to boost your earth focused spiritual practices.

Place hematite on your altar to create stability in your sacred space or as a representation of the God of War.

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